SiREN new look + activities suspension + SiREN/Fi’Ance./The♡Valentine. session events

SiREN just posted their new look.

vo.憂架 (Yuuka)

gt.結伊 (Yui)

dr.タピオカ様 (Tapioka-sama)

I add a MV in case you don’t know the project.

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dr.タピオカ様 (Tapioka-sama) has change his band name to まだなめたけて学園 (Mada Nametakete Gakuen) at 2021/05/01

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Again? I wonder why he is always changing and can’t keep one…

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SiREN will suspend activities on 2021/10/22 due to the departure of Dr.まだなめたけて学園.

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Guess they were tired of his bullshit too :rofl:

SiREN/Fi’Ance./The♡Valentine. session will perform at Vo.Yuuka’s birthday oneman on 11/22 at Ikebukuro Blackhole. Each band will have a set of songs to be voted on by fans and the top 4 songs from each band with the most votes will be performed at the event.

[session lineup]
Vo.憂架 (yuuka) (SiREN, ex-Fi’Ance., The♡Valentine., etc.)
Gt.嫉 -shitsu- (ex-Fi’Ance., Shinotsuku Ame., etc.)
Gt.有哉 (yuya) (escape from sorrow)
Ba.真new (manew) (ex.The♡Valentine.) (lol (from the flyer lmao))
Dr.hajime (ex-Lynoas, Mondaiji!)

You can vote for the songs here.

Nice event ! 真new will be there ??! Or that’s the joke maybe lmao

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They even surprise themselves putting it on the poster.
I don’t think it’s a good idea after what happened (supposedly) with the bass player.

I am interested in the survey that they have carried out. My choice:

· ALacarte Cinema
· Re:vive
· ラムネちゃん
· うそつき

· T♡Valen Happy Festa♡
· 処女の照れくさい気持ち
· 「Trip」or『Trip』
· 請い患い

· RiNG
· Adv’Ance.
· Sadistic Moon
· 1 on Cylinder

I would only choose songs from Fi’Ance. but it seems that it is impossible. :smiley:
Of the other two bands it is impossible to vote with criteria since I do not know all the songs and there is no preview anywhere. I just hope for a return from Fi’Ance. <3

They also performed on 12/29 at Ikebukuro Blackhole with the same lineup.

setlist at 11/22:

-SE- 継続セッションRiNGの時のやつ(たぶん)

1.Re:vive (S)
2.所詮、アリザリン (S)
3.ALacarte Cinema (S)
4.『ラムネちゃん』 (S)
6.「Trip」or「Trip」 (V)
7.T♡Valen Happy Festa♡ (V)
8.処女の照れくさい気持ち (V)
9.童貞 (V)
10.Sadistic Moon (F)
11.RiNG (F)

12.Re:会いたい (F)
13.叙情、戯言、しとしと (V)
14.aSkeptic (F)

Looks like Manew is doing ok: