Streaming Concerts

cali≠gari will do a massive 12-hour long stream of archival live footage and member interviews on 2021/08/08 (tomorrow) on Youtube for free, to coincide with the last day of the Olympics. Hence the title, TOKYO cali≠gariMPIC 2021. :smiley:

(the timetable can be seen in the video thumbnail. also pls note that this won’t stay up on Youtube after the stream is over, so you’ll only be able to watch it while it’s streaming in realtime)

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The deadman x lynch. gig on 2021/09/16 will be livestreamed! For overseas (i.e. non-Japanese) viewers tickets are available from tomorrow at THIS LINK.

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Youtube Music Weekend is around the corner again.
Its an event organised by youtube japan in partnership with artists and labels. And you will be able to see several lives like this. Usually its old lives getting streamed, but maybe its a opportunity.
You can see the timetable for the streams in the tweet. I think there might be some acts on that could be interesting to watch for some here.

Sailing Before The Wind will stream their ONEMAN live on YouTube tomorrow.
It’s around 2hours of performance.


I’ll check it out!

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Cyclamen streaming their live today

Not really a concert but Sony was livestreaming a bunch of music clips from the 80s today!
It was amazing!

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Graupel posted a Liveshow around a week ago, from their 8th anniversary live, that they had with Earthists and Sable Hills


Sailing Before the Wind got another live stream if an older concert going

MUCC will be streaming several shows over the next month, no archive. (First one is happening now)

Official Youtube:

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