[Take Me To the Budokan] Yura (Psycho le Cému, THE BEETHOVEN) produced cheki card battle game

Source: YURAサマ製作のチェキカードバトルゲーム「わたしを武道館に連れてって♪」発売! – ROCKの総合情報サイトVif

Set to release in November, Yura’s innovative card battler aims to gamify cheki collecting.

  • Cheki will fulfill various conditions needed to earn your band live attendees. As the number of attendees increases, the player will progess through popular livehouses until they reach 10,000- thus netting a Budokan gig.

  • You do not have to have a cheki collection to play. The game comes with stock cards displaying fan art of fictional bands for beginners to use.

  • The game board is compact and on average takes 20 minutes to play 1 game, allowing fans to play before and after live shows

All I have to say is…how did no one think of this sooner?


ご支援よろしくお願いします♪https://t.co/HVOG4II7rA pic.twitter.com/FvKDOggvy3

— YURAサマ\たけし (@YURAsamaTakeshi) October 9, 2022

scratching my head continuously at how this thing is gonna work but also: Yura’s big brain … inventing & reinventing idol kei


Too bad it’s just a Japanese fundraising campaign.