Take This to Heart first album "Hypernova" and MV for new song "Ignis" release

We basically only got a teaser for announcements till now, but i am suspecting new songs.
The band is still fairly new and if i saw that right they do record at studio prisoner (same studio nocturnal bloodlust record at)

Adding their first MV here

I am gonna change the title later when there is more info


So they will release their fiirst album Hypernova
And tomorrow a MV for the new song Ignis


I don’t know them but I kinda like their band name and the artwork looks so beautiful. I think I will check them out :smile:

@Luna i am happy you want to give them a try. If you don’t mind screaming

Their new MV for Ignis is out

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They released another song :heart:

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Tracklist is up and album will come out 6th December

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