The Last Rockstars August Concert Canceled, 2025 World Tour Announced

Seems to be working. Running in My Head is his first song in the top 40 in a decade and Code Geass is a big franchise, especially since they announced a revival of it with a ten year project.


Miyavi’s spotify numbers also eclipse the rest of vk with I suppose just L’arc coming close. It doesn’t feel like neither Hyde or Miyavi has any reason to do this, beyond wanting to work a project where Yoshiki writes the songs and perform at a couple of stadiums where Yoshiki’s paying for all the comped tickets/relying on his devoted, travelling Japanese fanbase


:thinking: So what is general opinion this time around on the cancellation? I don’t use Twitter and not in a whole lot of jrock communities…

Did most people low-key expect this? There doesn’t seam to be a whole lot of fall-out like in November, or even people talking much about it the day it was announced…?

(Apparently Japanese fans chirped in a little too, mostly to say they were relieved for Sugizo; since he would have had a back to back show in two different countries, and then some remarks about Yoshiki and his mistreatment of X being mirrored here or some such similar words)

Actually, i’ve been curious about something - are there people who legit like TLRS as TLRS, or like it/just supporting it because it’s a project of so-n-so?

Or that they love the idea of MYV&HYDE on the same stage together (this seams to be a major draw for people, like a dream team or something)



Hyde, Sugizo and Miyavi are all professionals to the very end. They always do what they say they’re going to. So is Gackt, Gackt had a huge fight with Yoshiki because he couldn’t come to rehearsal. I don’t really understand what the hype is over Yoshiki, he just isn’t that good. All of these artists (yes even Miyavi) are leagues above him for their dedication to music.

Oh well.


It wasn’t a huge fight from what I was told years ago with someone who knew Miyavi on a business relation level.
IIRC, the other members had all flown in to practice a few days early but Yoshiki was not around and then the day of the concert he only arrived at the venue a few hours before the show (he was stuck in LA / Cali traffic) and they barely had much time to rehearse as a 4-piece. Miyavi was definitely annoyed by the whole situation and Yoshikitty’s unprofessionalism. Supposedly he had written more songs for Skin that never got used simply because they didn’t have enough time to rehearse, hence a measly 4 song setlist despite how prolific those guys were in the 2000s.

That said, if those TV shows / live stream talks between Yoshiki and Gackt are any evidence, Gackuto is probably the only one in the scene with a big enough ego to put Yoshiki in his place and give him a proper berating.


Wait Gackt and Yoshiki had a huge fight?
Do you have any link to back it up?