THE MADNA 1st full-album "ElecTЯiP" release

I meant visual art. I wasn’t talking about the ethics of it, only the aesthetics. Some of the people above seem to actually not like the way it looks.



Aww, the MV is cute

When i listened to this i instantly got the this is gunna be a huge hit. Even among international fans. I hope they do keep their promise to go worldwide. I know its hard to do :sweat_smile:

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THE MADNA video comment for XAAXAA events!

on November 12 MADNA will hold online signing event! fans from overseas can watch it for free and participate too! Guide how to participate here:

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This is such a beautiful song… especially last two lines! :pensive:
“Zettai Sekai” is definitely my favourite! Ryota’s rapping and his “don’t fuck with me” is so on point :joy::100::clap:

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Richly Coloured is so fucking good, joyous song. Really nice album, I got filled with a sense of nostalgia listening to it. Got me very interested in this band now

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Lyrics are so beautiful too! I’m honestly blown away by this album even I’m a fan. Now my favourite is “Fanciful Suicide” after checking lyrics.

Some of their songs sound like a sweet song for example “Tokyo Lonely Girl” but when I checked the lyrics… Holy shit it destroyed me.

I like the song! They’ve been kind of hit and miss for me but I think I’ll check out the album. Been waiting for a replacement to THE KIDDIE maybe this will be it.

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Best album of 2023

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this Sunday THE MADNA will have online signing event!anyone can watch this and comment! this will be steamed on LIMISTA Youtube account from 19:00 JP time .

Come, comment and enjoy time with a band!they are fun to watch~

message from the band "An interview with THE MADNA is posted on the music information website “Paradox Translations”.

The interview is in English, so please check it out if you are an overseas fan👀"

The interview is also in French, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese and Turkish !

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last online event for album ElecTЯiP