THE MADNA new maxi-single "GiANT KiLLiNG" release

THE MADNA new maxi-single “GiANT KiLLiNG” will be released at 2021/07/13 (2 types)

TYPE A (1980yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including “GiANT KiLLiNG” MV
TYPE B (1650yen) will include CD (3 songs) only


  1. GiANT KiLLiNG
  2. 君だけがいない世界で (Kimi dake ga inai Sekai de)
  3. ノイズ (Noise) [TYPE B only]

The new visuals look promising.
Hope that they this time actually go heavy, because the name of the single really implies heaviness.


Tomo giving me gender feels :v:

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O_O one of the best looks of 2022 DANM prob the best maybe >.<

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Takashi giving me party clown realness :clown_face: :sparkles:

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I was for a moment scared of what the Madna has become

… what the actual fuck was that LOL

wouldnt mind if ryota served spooky fish tbh

WTF is this? LOL

The research only gave me more questions…anyone brave enough to come up with a reason for that tour name? (and the nearly 7 mil views that the video has)

Anyway, the lads looks great, and I’m ready to be let down, expecting the heavies, the third time in a row.

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Ryota has a voice suited well for J-Rock as in main stream huge success Oricon Top 10 Japanese Rock; there’s a lot of potential there. With two members of DADAROMA behind him and a very accessible sound the sky is the limit for this band. I can’t find anything about what label or management they have.

Amazon is selling it as a set apparently. 【限定】GiANT KiLLiNG【Type-A】(DVD付)&GiANT KiLLiNG【Type-B】2タイトルセット(オリジナルL版ブロマイド(集合A)付): Music

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galaxy brain moment :comet:

sounds like a brilliant business strategy for those multiple type releases, but I know it’s unrealistic for vk, especially for BP Records bands lol

Yeah I literally can’t recall ever seeing this kind of thing before. Maybe someone who has more experience with buying multiple types of singles from Amazon Japan could shed some light as I’ve only ever bought them from CDJ.

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they are serving us looks not only with official looks but also instore events looks.
can’t waaaait for new sounds! this band is so unpredictable. you never know how they will sound…


Really? The random CaPiTaLiZaTioN says the opposite to me plus Ryota doesnt have the voice for heavy imho.

They are on Timely aka Dadaroma’s old label. Timely owns all the Little Hearts CD stores.

Ryota can scream and sing in really low voice! He scream a lot during “Sorrow ghost” (Neverland). He really shows his low voice during song like “Uso to tsuki” (Neverland). During Neverland times he liked to add random screams live. I don’t know much about his singing with THE MADNA because haven’t seen them live yet :sweat_smile: I really hope they will go heavier too but nobody knows because it’s THE MADNA :sweat_smile: