THE MADNA new single "BLAZE" release

THE MADNA 4th single “BLAZE” will be released at 2024/03/20.



Come on kings.

PS: Takashi said somewhere it has some… DADAROMA vibes

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Nooooo waaaay!!! I’m so excited now!!! :fire::fire::fire::fire:

I like single name. I wonder is this name has something connected with Shinjuku BLAZE venue closing down. They announced this single details after performing at BLAZE :sweat_smile:

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I look forward but don’t have too much hope about the DAD-Aroma vibes.
considering how all their previous releases sounded like, it will probably implement that vibe but in a painful watered down version like new Dezert often do of their heavy past.

I don’t think so. Being DADADORMA doesn’t mean it gonna be heavy or smth like that (even though Ryota can do heavy stuff VERY well. I used to go to a lot of Neverland concerts and he would cut himself, vomit blood and shit like that, very DIR hahaha) - it may be a little bit Jazzy. In this song of their album they already showed us the potential for it:


All true!!! Even now Ryota does cut his chest with fingers until it’s red or put his hand into pants. He also screams during lives what you can’t hear in records. Now he would parkour on stage or lick mic from bottom to top. Ryota is pretty hardcore live. You never know what going to happen during live. He will jump into you or spit straw into your eyes (true story :joy:). He’s very DIR inspired. They covered some DIR songs already!

some short live videos! their live videos are basically non-existent on the internet. i wish they post more of these~

Thank you I missed these! Ryota sounds amazing in that first video, hoping for more screams :heart:

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New look and single details!


Sick cover art, hoping it’s a banger

[CD tracklist]
3.FUCK’N DEAR××× (type B only)

DVD: BLAZE (MV) (type A only)

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They posted short live video on TikTok!