THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S has a new look


wow theyre looking fantastic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

idk who their makeup artist is but for the last few looks, theyve been making zero look like hell :sob:
anyway, they all look great here lol

whose the new guy and wow what big feet you have :open_mouth:

They already have a new singer ?

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No, I thought the same thing but Ameno will leave sometime this coming month.

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Ok thx ! Did we know why he leave ?

Ameno leaves due to difference of opinion regarding their musical activities

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tzero looked horrendous with those makeups he had before, and that dumb mask in their last outfits :sob:

The question i always wonder, is it really this? Or is there more behind? Because it’s like the standard why someone leaves the band

I saw once a video of an ex Visual Kei bandman revealing stuff about Visual Kei. And he said that “difference of opinion regarding musical activities” is a standard reason used by almost all bands. Sometimes it’s really the case, but usually there is something else, but that wouldn’t be good to reveal it to the fans/publicly, so they prefer saying “difference of opinion”.

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