the Raid lost contact with drummer Kazhi, announcement to come

Announced by their label, the Raid have been unable to contact their dummer Kazhi after he stated he would be absent from their live on May 14th. The band has tried several avenues and have been unable to get a hold of him and decided to wait for him to respond.

As of two hours ago, at the time of me writing this though, they have apparently been able to contact him and will announce more later.

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I hope nothing bad has happened to him! :cry:

ah, another I wanna run away from the band issue. :rofl:

He already stated that he was going to leave the band and was waiting until he finds a drummer to replace him, I don’t really get why he would decide to disappear like that…


have the check the dollar stores they have? If I ever come up missing thats where I’d be.