The Visual Kei Podcast

Hey everyone, it’s been a while!

I thought I’d drop by to tell you all about the podcast that we are doing. It’s hosted by me and @Disposan and produced/edited by @Plant, who also participates and plays the average fan to tone down the nerdiness dial a bit and ask us questions on things we might need to clarify.

We’ve produced three episodes so far, aiming for a new release every other Sunday, with a quiz over at the Rarezhut discord in the weeks in between.

We’re basically planning on covering all aspects of the fandom in a sort of loose round table discussion style along with the occasional guests, so far we’ve had Biopanda and Jigsaw on.

We’ve covered “What is Visual Kei?” in episode one, Some notable 1980s proto-VK bands in episode two, in and the most recent one we cover Malice Mizer. It’s personally my favourite out of the bunch so far but they’re all worth a listen if you enjoy hearing some casual discussions on VK with funny anecdotes and random tangents sprinkled in for good measure.

Here’s some links:

On YouTube:
Ep #1:
Ep #2:
Ep #3:

Our twitter:

Would love to get some feedback from you all if possible!


Cool, I’ll be listening along for sure.

The first ep has the usual growing pains of awkward pauses and transitions but I imagine these will get smoothed out as you get comfortable with the medium. It was fun to listen to some people that got into VK about the same time I did (way before YouTube or any one-stop-shop for VK info) chat about the beginnings of the scene and their relationships to it.


Lmao tell me about it. We did like, four different demo sessions before doing the first episode and still there’s noticeable improvements in the small details episode-by-episode. That latest one is the only one that I’m really satisfied with, and I’m kind of stoked already to put out the next one.

I liked your car reviews from back in the days by the way.


We don’t mean to necro this thread every time something new comes up, but I’ll do it just once:

Episode 4 is out and it’s about Dir en grey’s indies period + a few words on La:Sadie’s and Oboro