Trading Card Games

I was wondering if anyone here does or used to or used to and quit and came back to collecting trading cards of any sort? I have several structure decks of yugioh from this year and am excited for speed duels to come to the states next year. I’m a minimalist so they’re just put up somewhere, I don’t have the motivation to get a binder or anything, just sleeves, but if stores didn’t have the limit to three per person I’d like to start doing $40 at a time and see what I can recoup for fun like Larry in the Hole - Can We Make a Profit? - YouTube but not filming it because I’m not interested in YouTube.

Well its digital but gwent, the beautiful card animations would be missing if it was physical

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I considered Shadowverse, but never really got into it.

I don’t play any physical card games, but I love Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. I’m not very good though, because I like playing with the kind of weird, counter-intuitive decks.

Like, my first favourite was the Chazz Ojama deck, because I thought it was funny watching people not familiar with playing against it get all confused and I like a lot of monsters with high DEF stats, and now I’m mostly playing with an Infernity deck. There’s something fun about constantly trying to throw away all your cards and just relying on what’s in your graveyard/your next draw.

Sucks trying to face one of those Gravekeeper/Necrovalley decks with it though. :frowning:

Are you excited for master duel?

Haven’t heard of that. Is it something to do with the physical card game?

My knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh is basically limited to the first half of the Duel Monsters anime, maybe 20 episodes of GX and casually playing Duel Links.

Master duel is basically a game of all of the cards available for the TCG rather than a story oriented game.

I’ve watched all of the OG, GX, a bit of 5Ds and all of Sevens.