UNDER FALL JUSTICE Dr.本城 臣 (Sin Honjou) (ex-JACK+MW) joins + new single, "消去" release

Dr.本城 臣 (Sin Honjou) (ex-SWEET MADONNA → Diana~ディアナ~, UNDER FALL JUSTICE (support) → JACK+MW) has officially joined UNDER FALL JUSTICE on 1/26

their new online-only maxi-single, “消去” will be released on 2/18 (2000 yen, 100 copies); a special package version is available for preorder until 2/18 for 4000 yen which also contains a bonus offshot DVD and access to an Instagram autograph event


  1. 消去
  2. 背徳者に信仰

went to look up his old band I’ve never heard about til today and imagine the scream I just let out here:


Airo looking like a snack in this music video but for real UFJ must be defying all expectations for visual kei, not only are they signed to starwave, these music videos must have pennies for a budget and this will be their 10th year together, unreal.

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So a new album has to be coming, right? Right?…

Now available to buy digitally or stream on most streaming services:

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