UNiTE new album release and new look

UNiTE will release a new album this fall
They’ll have a one-man tour from june to august
And they also shared a new look!


Damn, happy 10 year anniversary <3

(RIP Canzel, but very happy for Kuro Unite)

damn. 10 years and these mofos aint aged a bit :open_mouth:


Any more news on this? Early Autumn has come and gone, and still nothing. I don’t expect we’ll see it this year tbh. I hope it’s better than their last album…


Is this the first album they’ve done since New Classic? I don’t really follow these guys too much but I did like that album can’t lie. The groove was spot on. Haha

They released 1 album after New classic, “Fanfare” in 2021

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And for the album, they announced in september that they decided to postpone its release due to the pandemic, because they wouldn’t be able to have a nationwide oneman tour to promote its release due to the circumstances and restrictions.
They’ll release it when they’ll be able to go on tour safely.

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That was a mini-album

really ? It’s under the album section in their discography though ^^

The distinction is often not made on Japanese bands’ website discographies, but this is clearly a mini-album – it has six tracks and is 23 minutes long.

no news about their new album but they have a new look and they will hold their 11th anniversary oneman live “U&U’s -rìːlív-” at 2022/03/29 at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA

Oh, they’re on Spotify? Cool, I’ll be hitting that later.