Unknown bands you love but can't find out crap about them

Maybe their newish or have been around for years but you can’t find anything about them on Tanuki or even here. :cry: Maybe someone here can tell you something about them or discover a new fan .
Mine is Juliana no Tatari
I love how expressive Kaburagiren is (the pink haired chick)
and Im a huge Dunk fan :smiley:

those guys?
Sometimes searching bands on twitter can help

Also there are those bands that have indeed zero info up

Crest Of Aleist

true but there’s nothing in English. :frowning: Google translate works well but then there’s that random odd translate that is just …ugh ("translation: I really like Mister Pompi Toilet head Flappy Nipples " )

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Did you try last.fm too? Sometimes they got some real obscure bands up
But tbh, they are japanese, what we expect?
There are tons of bands i listen to that have no infos up anywhere.

What exactly do you wanna know?

something beside age and birth date. Do they have siblings, were they good in something in school, etc.

looking to see where I can find more stuff by aurora. I don’t know if it’d stylised as ‘A U R O R A’ but that’s what it’s named as on a video on YT. the video is one of their songs called ‘gleam’. I can’t find anything else from them and I tried looking on this forum but to be honest, I’m not used to using forums and I still don’t really understand how this platform works haha. Anyways I’m going off topic. I cannot find anything else by them so if anyone knows where I can listen to more of their stuff that’d be great. I’m also trying to see if they’re on last FM but it doesn’t look like it? but then again it might be because they’re stylised differently so if someone can give me info on that too id appreciate it a lot. Ty!

I’m super sorry if the format of this post is incorrect or I’ve done anything wrong - again I still don’t really have any idea what I’m doing here (:

You can find some info about the band here:

And if you’re looking for a quick fix of music, you can listen to all their (6-song) discography on this Youtube channel, shared by some kind soul (just scroll down):




All that matina/soleil/etc. bands with 1 (one) track on omnibus, and disbanding within months.

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