Unli Furps new single "夢幻(Mugen)" release

Unli Furps just posted their new look.

Vocal: 哭(Koku) (ex.ZeroCre)

Guitar: 恋(Ren) (ex.GE+IM(support))

Guitar: Яe:NA (ex.ロゼ(Roze))

Bass: vy Tark


I especially like the location for this promotion pictures


Nice look Only Faps!

In all seriousness, I dig the unfinished sketch aesthetic. The outfits themselves look like run of the mill goth accessories, although I am liking the shade of blue Koku is rocking. Let’s see what this new look will sound like.

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I was just thinking about these guys yesterday. I think they look cute. I guess I’m inevitably going to become a fan.

4th digital single “夢幻(Mugen)” will be released at 2022/06/22.


Steady reaching that point where they become worth the production “style”… When it finally happens will it be in spite of it… or because of it ? :thinking:


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Still a terrible name. Musically, they’re… kind of interesting, I guess? But the production is vile, sounds like it was recorded in a tin can.

They are still the kings of absolute trash kei :crown:

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