VALDER -ヴァラディア- has reformed

VALDER -ヴァラディア-, who disbanded back in 2019, will officially restart activities on 4/21 at their first live at Holiday Shinjuku.

Vo.Syu has returned to the band and new members Gt.あ~ちゃん。(aslan) and Ba.ミト。 (mito.) (ex-Imy → Mikage) have joined!

Ba.ミト。 (mito.)

YES YES NO WAY THEY ARE BACK OMG ijnincvijnwsdicnomc :heart: :smile:


I stan these dudes lol. Maybe we will finally get SHINE digitally O_o

Those high notes are back with a vengeance

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:neutral_face: Mito. doesn’t usually last more than 2 hours on a project.

I know T-T

Even if its for a couple releases we can only pray :pray: