Versailles 15th Anniversary Tour -NOBLE- announced


Do you know what would look good with a new tour?

A new album or at least a single. :cry:


This is like, actively irritating to me. I don’t think it’s particularly the band’s fault or anything, but I find it confusing and frustrating that they cancelled their comeback single two years ago only to have a 15th anniversary tour not including anywhere in the world (pandemic obviously) but international fans are really getting a whole lot of nothing from these guys.

EDIT: I guess my thing is if it’s all the label’s decision (unsure if they’re still with WB at this time or what) but I do not at all understand how they can justify cancelling Emperor and then going out on tour anyway.


Totally on board with this. In the past, they were occasionally on a level where I began to think that they definitely were on their way to international respect honestly just to then basically disappear for years. It is annoying. I reckon there were many people pretty hyped on a new single after years of fluctuating activity. Not to mention the intriguing mystery of a new HGP single (like, who was even going to be the vocalist for this?).

“Just” a tour is a bit frustrating rn but also, you’ve got to remember, that this is the beginning of their 15th aniversary. I am sure, we are getting at least one release this year.


HGP releases don’t necessarily need a vocalist. Curse of Virgo was all instrumental. I wonder if some of that output was folded into Rusalka…

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That’s of course true but he made his more recent instrumental work under the HIZAKI moniker.

Specifying it as HGP, I would assume that it would entail other people as well as a vocalist. But all in all it’s not like we’ll ever find out.

I could totally see some ideas being transferred into Rusalka (and I wondered about the same thing), if composition for Pavane had already begun back then

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holy shit i feel old. i remember the day they first announced their debut.

imma go lay down x


So they going to play just the songs on the NOBLE era?

Would be cool to see how they will play it now.

Also WTF just two spots lol

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