VISUAL KEI DISCORD: an active server for everything visual kei! (1300+ members)


:rose: Welcome to Melokei Official’s Discord server!

Welcome to our discord server for Visual Kei enthusiasts, collectors and more.
Enjoy yourself and talk to a variety of members about anything VK!

:open_book: Why join?

  • Visual Kei-oriented, VK is the focus point of the server
  • Discussion channels for Music/artwork/fashion/artists and more!
  • Friendly and active community, share your interests with others
  • Laid-back server without any strict rules, you are free to be yourself here and enjoy
  • Visual Kei news feed (powered by vkgy)
  • Organized and clean server design
  • Specific VK roles to express your interests
  • Self-promotion & Sales, sell or buy VK related products

We hope to see you soon!


Lil bumpies here, for those who haven’t joined yet we are quite active :slight_smile:

For anyone interested, I’ve also been working on a Android application for browsing auctions and purchasing trough proxy services, the download and updates thereof will be pushed in the server.

i am gonna admit, i joined the server and went off it again. mainly because its enough for me to keep up with jrockone discord, stalking around on vkgy discord and twitter and instagram

But you are right, the server was quite active when i was on it. So for anyone enjoying it, i could recommend to join it, or to try it.

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We’ve introduced a usermarket for individuals to sell or purchase VK products.
Got some stuff you wish to get rid of or just wish to post it in more places? we got you covered.

Also we’ve undergone a lot of changes, why not come and have a look around in general!