VISUAL KEI DISCORD - an active server for everything visual kei! (500+ members)


Melokei Official is a Discord server for Visual Kei enthusiasts, collectors and more.
Our main focus is early 90’s/2000’s VK, but has its interests in all eras and styles.
The user base of our server is diverse, from listeners of mainstream to obscure indie music.

Why join?

  • Visual Kei-oriented, VK is the focus point of the server
  • Specific discussion channels for Music/artwork/fashion/artists/events and more!
  • Friendly and active community, share your interests with others
  • Laid-back server without strict rules, you are free to be yourself here
  • 24/7 Radio stations
  • Visual Kei news feed (powered by
  • Organized and clean server design
  • Specific VK Roles to express your interests

We hope to see you soon!