Vkei Magazine Scans in 2021?

I was wondering if there is anything like the baka-neko livejournal where until 2014 there was a giant archive of magazine scans around in 2021. I’m pretty curious about the 35th anniversary interview with TOMMY in this month’s ROCK AND READ.

Try your luck on tumblr maybe. 🤷
But i think there seems to be no people anymore that buy any magazines frequently and upload scans, everyone does it for his own group only, i think :thinking:

You’re probably right. Shouldn’t be too hard to find considering how many huge bands are under freewill and it’s subsidiaries.

I guess its still hard to find. rockandread is also hard to scan, so good luck.
I think its more easy to buy a copy of rockandread etc yourself than finding any scans nowadays.

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