Vo.丐 (Kai) has left TRNTY D:CODE

Vo.Kai has left TRNTY D:CODE as of 1/9.

They released almost nothing in the last 3 years, so not surprised

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I just assumed they were on indefinite hiatus because they disappeared for three years.

Are they really going to try to continue? I had assumed they disbanded without saying anything since there hadn’t been anything from them in so long. It’d be strange if they got a new vocalist.

Yeah, I saw this on Twitter today and went “Wait, they’re still active?”. Feels like they’d be better off just coming up with a new name and starting from scratch at this point.


good news imho, i swear this guy would be good if he was in a decent band lol

Idk the one video I’ve seen them perform live Kai’s voice is God awful, I was so disappointed.