Void (INWARD's vocalist)

Hello guys :upside_down_face:

I never took the time to introduce myself back when I was on TW/MH, rarely posting anything. I’m not really an active member, nor I’m into VK these days since my fav bands ain’t active anymore. BUT lemme introduce myself as a vocalist.

I’m Void, vocalist of a metal band called INWARD. If you need me to describe our sound, we’re merging to our melodic base our most extreme death touches and our metalcore influences for a sound free of any restrictive case.

As a +30 yo VK listener, I started with old DEG around 2004 and grew up with Kyo being my main vocal influence (well, our band name is taken from “INWARD SCREAM”).
Then, I started to listen to new extreme bands like MAKE THEM SUFFER (Neverbloom :black_heart: ), or on a japanese side, SHATTER SILENCE.

Lately, I used to listen to DIMLIM, Deviloof, DEXCORE, THE DESPERADO.
Looks like I need the D in my life :joy: (aside from the joke, D/Daichi was the singer of SHATTER SILENCE, which have stopped their activities, and my fav regular metal vocalist)

On a personal note, my fav VK band still remains deadman.

A lot of ppl told me that there’s a very present DEG vocal touch in our first song Dimlight. Well, lemme know if there’s anything you enjoy :wink:


Btw, I’m french. :fr:
Wanna keep in touch? FB here


love the song!

Pretty sick :ok_hand:

Welcome back!

That song is cool. :eyes:

images - 2021-12-07T142200.632

Thats seems to be all kinda Metalcorish bands🤔 if ya need any non-vk bands as recommendations,i am willing to annoy someone with the non-vk stuff i listen too

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Thanks for the feedback mates! Glad you like it as it’s been years I’m working on those whistle screams :exploding_head:

@Rena I’m always open to discover new bands :slight_smile: I used to listen to a loooot of different visual bands back in the days when it was still a thing (well, when it was my thing, I don’t find myself in the vk scene anymore), guess I only listen to bands that fit my vocal style today.

It’s kinda funny because outside of the vk scene, I’m more into alternative rock, pop/punk, electronic (dark wave, synthwave, synthpop, chill, etc), hip-hop and weird stuff than into metal.

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You’re joking right? :unamused:

If you would be a girl, people would accuse you now of being into visual kei for the handsome guys :joy:

For non visual bands, maybe try Graupel, Earthists, Sable Hills or Prompts. :thinking: (I probably recommend the exact same bands to everyone on here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: i am sorry)
I know that the dimlim, dexcore and deviloor, all played together with thise bands i did list, so they are Similar soundwise.

Not gonna lie, this is pretty dope! Saw that you guys have 2 other songs on Spotify, so will check them out and give you a follow as well :slight_smile:

@sume7 not joking at all :sweat_smile:

I already am everyday into metal with my band, so when I want to listen to something on a break, I pick softer stuff… there are days I even put kpop in my playlist. :pray:

@Rena Thanks! Except EARTHISTS., I already knew the bands you’re recommending me, but that’s exactly the shit I like! That new metalcore emergence took the place that VK had in my heart (many) years ago. The last Prompts is dope! You should try FILL THE VOID, they’re even dopest :joy:

I added SLOTHREAT on a softer side recently.

@Valentine_CW Heeey bro I KNOW YOU! While listening to Saki Rose’s DEG covers I found your band weeks ago and I remember all the guests on vocals! Your album is sick for a first one! Glad you like what we’re doing! Thanks for your support :black_heart: I hope you’ll find a great vocalist to fit, so that we’ll be able to share a stage someday, that would be AWESOME!


Oh really? Dude that’s awesome haha! Thank you for your kind words man! Sharing the stage, well let’s make that a shared goal shall we? :wink: