Wakuraba (病葉~わくらば~) announce disbandment in 2023

Wakuraba (病葉~わくらば~) will suspend activities after their live performance on 25 February 2023.

The decision comes after Gu. Futa (双) decided to suspend individual activities, so the four band members discussed their future and concluded it would be difficult to continue as Wakuraba.

The band will continue their remaining live schedule without Gu. Futa (双) until the band’s conclusion on 25 February 2023.


dammit I can’t blame Tsubasa this time

#パロル(#PAROLE) warms up that you’re next.

I kinda expected it since their popularity was really dwindling after loosing two founding members… but it still makes me really sad since they are one of the more interesting 00s revival bands out there .__.

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