WANDS new album "BURN THE SECRET" release

WANDS will release their 6th album “BURN THE SECRET” with the new vocalist “Daishi Uehara” on 2020/10/28.

Limited Edition (CD+DVD) (3,500 yen)

Regular Edition (CD) (2,700 yen)


  1. David Bowieのように
  2. 抱き寄せ 高まる 君の体温と共に
  3. 賞味期限切れ I love you
  4. Secret Night 〜It’s My Treat〜 [WANDS 第5期ver.]
  5. Burning Free
  6. 真っ赤なLip
  7. 明日もし君が壊れても [WANDS 第5期ver.]
  8. もっと強く抱きしめたなら [WANDS 第5期ver.]
  9. 世界中の誰よりきっと [WANDS 第5期ver.]
  10. アイリメンバーU

Limited Edition bonus DVD:
「抱き寄せ 高まる 君の体温と共に」
「Secret Night 〜It’s My Treat〜 [WANDS 第5期ver.]」Short ver.


PLEASEEE I have been furiously listening to WANDS for a while now, especially after the new vocalist had joined :two_hearts::weary:! The talent, the flavor the art :sparkles::sparkles::clap:!

I love the new album a lot, the David Bowieのように one is probably my favorite and the one that got stuck in my head the most. But we can never the forget the eternal 真っ赤なLip either :weary::fire::fire:!


It’s so weird to see Daishi Uehara’s whole face since I knew about zigzag before WANDS lmao. David Bowieのように is a great song though!


He’s so talented :heart:

you can see it in Ray C and Otoiroha too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: