What are you playing?

I’m mostly just playing Genshin Impact, I’m doing the new event and have invested a lot of time (and money oof) into the game. I’m too far in, there’s no stopping now! Haha. I also just recently beat the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and can’t wait for the next installment. I’m not a huge gamer, but there’s a few games that I’ll buy and play.

Overload has a 75% reduction on Steam, so I bought it last night.
Been a fan of the Descent series (1 and 2, not so much 3) since it was released in the mid-90s. This feels like a continuation of the original ideas they had back then. Not disappointed.

Started Immortals Fenyx Rising last week, really fun game, reminds me of Breath of the wild

Unfortunately, i don’t have any consoles and my PC isn’t that powerful and because of that i can’t play most of the video games that i’m interested in (like the yakuza series, for example), so for most of these games i just have no other choice but to watch let’s plays of them. But at least, thank god, i’m able to play/read visual novels. And yesterday i started reading Never7 -the end of infinity- - the first game in the Infinity series by the creator of Zero Escape and AI: The Somnium Files. Since i’m a huge fan of both ZE and AITSF, i decided to give the Infinity series a try as well.

Finally playing Persona 5 Strikers! :slight_smile:


Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of Dana-. I needed my Falcom soundtrack dose, and this game was on sale some time ago… so yeah, enjoying every moment.


I’ve been in no rush to find a PS5 so far, in the meantime I’m struggling to the end of my Dark Souls 3 level 1 run, it was a mistake to play the DLC for the first time on this playthrough lol…

Waiting on NieR ver.120198328y382y947283749283y4u. Anyone vouch for P5 strikers? I definitely got everything I wanted out of P5 from the original so I’m on the fence if it’s worth it.


Two posts up @Masato said they were playing Strikers.

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I can’t do lvl 1 runs in DS. I tried it once in the original DS and what I found is that am sacrificing fashion to stay on that level.

Currently replaying Skyrim. This time with mods as my PC can finally handle them all.


Well. About Strikers. It worths it imo. It’s so cool to see the gang again. The game is fun, it’s more action, it’s different, but it’s amazing. I bought the deluxe edition and 2 days in, I have 8 hours of gameplay. I don’t usually play more than 3 hours a day haha. You don’t have social links and stats like in the original, but you have links for the whole gang and stats you can upgrade, like more hp, more pc, etc. The new character is SO cute haha. If you like games like One piece Pirate Warrior or Dynasty Warrior, you’ll like this game! But it has it’s Persona like, it pauses the fight when you’re about to cast a magic, etc. Check out gameplay and you’ll see if it interests you. About the story, yeah, it’s nice so far :slight_smile: I recommend if you’re a Persona fan ^^

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I’m sooo slow when it’s about finishing any game.

Currently still playing cafe enchante (otome), I have like 3 routes left that I have to do~
Also Code:realize wintertide miracles (otome) ! I already loved the characters a lot. Heart melting :smiley:

And I’m still playing Genshin Impact (EU server) on my Ps4.
Feel free to add me~ (do notify me your account ID tho ^^)

Started on: Persona 5 strikers; The story continues…! really do like the new battle style, its more fun!

I’d like to think that I finished the game, but Friede, Gael and Midir are still there to say hi… can’t imagine beating them with a lvl 1 character. After unlocking the Undead Arena, tho, that’s where I got the most enjoyment out of the game.

Oh, can’t wait for NieR Replicant, my wallet is ready.

As for P5, I haven’t even played the original, yet. Still hoping for a PC release. With P4 Golden and Strikers, it should be any day…right?

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