What are you watching?

watched last week and two weeks ago.

who said CGI in animes is bad?

The One Piece live action is actually good guys :sob: :sob: I was so scared it wouldn’t live up to the original.
I already watched it in English and am currently rewatching with the Japanese dub.

I’ve been watching a bunch of series recently, so i thought why not for once write about it here on the forum.
Do we call series made for streaming still TV series? or do we have any special name for them, or do we call them now depending on which company made them?

Black Sails
Fantastic historical Fiction series, which is loosley based to build up towards the novel “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson.
But still got enough historical characters and events, that its not fully fictional.
There are some minor things that bugged me. The amount of sex scenes in the first season for example made me almost drop the series (and i account that its part of the reason the series isnt more popular).
It got better in the second season (thankfully, because those scenes made me feel uncomfortable)
I am still buffed at how Ned Low got shoot off in the series so fast :joy: If you explore the real life Ned Low, there seemed to have been far more to him, than what they ended up showing, so he was basically just a character development arc for other characters (Charles Vane and Elanor Guthrie to be exactly)

The Terror (first season)
I remember the first time i heard of the series i was intrigued because its a historical series, but also pushed away by the supernatural aspect in the series.
In the end i still watched it aaaand its a awesome series.
The series is based on the book “The Terror” by Dan Simmons, which is based on the John Franklin’s lost artic expedition, to find a North-West passage from Europe to China.
We get a lot of Ice and Snow and grey stones to see in the whole series, because thats all there is in that region of the world.
I felt afterwards like i needed to starre at green tree’s for some hours to get past the way the series made me feel.

Some things i liked or thought they are cool where incoming spoiler
The whole Hickey is a imposter and not the real Hickey, to keep their respect towards the real and historical person. Because yes, the expedition had a member that was named Cornelius Hickey and he was a Caulker’s Mate.
The whole thing remembered me of the faux paus that James Cameron had in Titanic, where Officer Murdoch shoots himself, which ended up and made his family being angry at Cameron, for potraying Murdoch like that. Cameron ended up apologizing to the family.

Another thing was the usage of the dutch angle to film. Those ships weren’t staying straight, meanwhile trapped in the ice, so besides the erie feeling the camera angle gives you, it also makes you aware that their world wasnt straight probably for the time they were trapped.

more spoilers
The part i of course didnt like was the Tuunbaq, because apparently getting stalked by polar bears wasnt enough, nah we had to make that thing a supernatural being instead.


The Reason i ended up watching this one was literally, that i like the actor of Ned Low in Black Sails and that actor plays a side character in Vikings, One-Eye/ Arne.
Also to say it right away, i didnt finish watching the whole series, i watched season one and two fully and three episodes into season 3 and then lost my patience.
The series isnt bad, but i had trouble just liking any of the characters and the ones i liked were side characters that got killed off.
I loved those scenes of Floki talking about building the ship that were to bring Ragnar and his crew across the ocean to england. And the way Floki kept questioning his own ship.
Maybe Vikings are just not the history part that i care enough about to watch the whole series XDD

So now currently i am still watching the british comedy series Brassic
The series is pretty chaotic and a harsh difference towards all the historical stuff i mainly watched recently

and The Gilded Age started airing their second season recently, so i am keeping up with that now again. I watched the first season last year and i liked it.
It’s a bit like Bridgerton, but a bit different time setting and a bit more historical accurate (there is no black queen :laughing:)

If anybody is interested, i can write a whole essay still on my re-watch of the 97 movie of Titanic. :joy: and a bunch of other titanic movies i watched


Who is streaming The Terror right now? I’ve been trying to watch it for a few years now.

I just finished Better Call Saul last night :sob: completely done with the BB franchise now, which feels so surreal - one of the best of all time.

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Currently on episode 11.

Absolutely the best depiction of the Three Kingdoms alongside the movie Red Cliff.

My wife was on a trip for eleven days so I watched a ton of taiga dramas and nearly every samurai movie there is minus the Kurosawa ones (When the Last Sword is Drawn, Killing, 13 Assassins, Samurai’s Promise, The Last Ronin, Sword of Desperation, and Baragaki (samurai movie of the 21st century absolutely amazing).

I also finally started watched Takeshi Kitano’s movies that aren’t just the Outrage trilogy . I loved Violent Cop, but didn’t really care for Boiling Point and I’m halfway through Sonatine that I need to get around to finishing. I always watched The Blood of Wolves and its sequel Last of the Wolves and Koji Yakushi was amazing as always. I can’t wait to see him go from a Yakuza entrenched cop in 80s Hiroshima to a happy go lucky toilet cleaner in Tokyo in Perfect Days. I also watched a few yakuza documentaries and have many more to watch. There’s this one Yakuza: Good for nothing — RT Documentary which is free and the other you have to find online and it’s not even subtitled so I don’t see many people taking the time to watch it anyway which goes into a lot about the Japanese constitution and how the five year rule (yakuza can’t find work etc for five years after they leave the organization) is unconstitutional according to the Japanese constitution that was ratified after World War 2.

Next on the agenda is to finish Kitano, then watch the original Battles Without Honor and Humanity and the New Battles Without Honor and Humanity.

KATE was bad, MIYAVI can barely act, but the rest of the Yakuza cast were great considering it’s Tadanobu Asano (Mortal Kombat, Shogun, etc) Kazuya Tanabe (Tokyo Vice, The 13 Lords of the Shogun, etc) and Jun Kunimura (Ichi the Killer, Kill Bill, Outrage, Lady Joker etc), still have to finish Hell Dogs (haven’t even seen MIYAVI yet), then comes Yakuza and Family probably.

I’ve watched almost 30 episodes of Desperate Housewives in ~48 hours. I fear that I may burst into flames at this rate.

Crazy the guest stars they get on this show too. Wallace Shawn, Goldberg Wrestling, even Babu from Seinfeld! Gang’s all here.

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That show is amazing and undoubtedly the best possible combination of comedy, drama and crime there is. None of the other series can juggle these genres so effortlessly brilliant as Mark Cherry does in his magnum opus. I can also suggest checking out his other shows, Why Women Kill and Devious Maids. Not as awesome as Desperate Housewives but still great stuff.

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Yeah it’s really great!! I watched it with my mom as a kid so I initially started this rewatch out of nostalgia, but I’m really surprised how well-balanced the tone and writing of the show are. It’s like the zaniest, trashiest Agatha Christie novel.

I only watched about half of the show while it was airing, so I’m excited to see where it ends up going. I’ll have to give Cherry’s other shows a look once I’m done

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I’ve been mostly rewatching stuff I like or watching new episodes of One Piece as they come out.

The only new (to me) thing I’ve been watching is Mr. Villain’s Day Off. I’ve just been in the mood for something fluffy, but I’ll likely get back to watching longer series/series with stuff going on that I’m not caught up on.