What even is pleur? (プリュール)


So ever since I started exploring indie Vkei bands from the late 90’s/early 2000’s, pleur was always a band that interested me. Their look is probably one of the most interesting and creative things I’ve ever seen since I’ve gotten into visual kei, and that is certainly saying something. However, when I first discovered them, there were only a few songs of theirs that I could find. After not looking at pleur for a while, I finally found a live performance from pleur, and I have several questions.

I’ll start with what I know. According to vk.gy, pleur was formed in 1999 after Da’vid shito:aL (Da’vidノ使徒:aL) disbanded.

Da’vid shito:aL

After this nightmare fuel disbanded, several members of Da’vid formed pleur. Pleur consisted of -F- on Vocals (the one in the front wearing yellow), Reeno on Guitar (I honestly don’t even know which one Reeno is), Kuruto on Bass (The one who looks like a reject from that really weird kids show Boohbah), and Kyon on Drums (the one in pink, and the only female member of the band). In 1999, they released a single and an album, both called La premieré porte, and were featured on the compilation album Kreis 1999. The group disbanded in June of 2000, and released one final single in October of the same year. That’s all I know about pleur. Now here’s what I’m confused about.

First of all, both the live video and image show two guitarists, but the only guitarist listed is Reeno. Which one is Reeno? And who’s the other guitarist? vk.gy isn’t the only one who did this, the Visual Kei Fandom wiki also only has one guitarist listed. I’d usually assume it’s a support musician, but usually support musicians don’t have a very unique look on stage, and they aren’t used in promotional photos for the band.

Secondly, there is one former member listed on vk.gy. That would be Noble, who used to play bass for Pleur. I’m really confused about if Noble or Kuruto are in the picture and live video. This band only lasted for a year, so I’m not really sure how long both Noble and Kuruto were in the band. Since the band only seemed to have one look, I’m assuming that maybe Noble got tired one day and said, “I’m not putting this shit on. I’m an artist, not a fluff ball”, but I don’t know how true that is.

Finally, vk.gy says that the band had a performer named Lupee. Who is that? What is that? Is that the rabbit puppet next to Kyon? Is it one of the guitarists in the band? If so, that’s stupid. Why would you do that? What is this? What are you doing? What even is pleur?!

In conclusion, Visual Kei is…weird, man. I’m not looking for any answers to my questions. I just wanted to vent and talk about a very unique and short-lived band that we seem to have very little information about.


Isn’t the second “guitarist” actually the second bassist? With Kuruto and Noble, they had the same twin bass thing going on like Da’vidノ使徒:aL as far as I know.

The only thing about a second guitarist I could find is 聖詩 (Kiyoshi) from D≒SIRE appearing in the credits for premiere porte (source) but I’m pretty sure that was just studio support.

Well, according to their last.fm bio, “Noble quit the band to join JILS (changing his name once again, REN) and a new member called Lupee joins, in the position of “performance””. According to JILS’ band history, REN aka Noble aka Eruze joined them in 2000.05.05, not even a month before pleur would call it quits (2000.06.00), which means that any videos or band pictures were most likely taken before that and would have to show the two bassists. I doubt that there’s any official footage showing this aforementioned performer person.

Also the bunny is Kyon’s mascot / soul animal / concept character / whatever the fuck. She’s also wearing a bunny costume on the cover of their mini-album.

Yeah, it’s all pretty confusing and weird but so was Da’vidノ使徒:aL.

I’m not an expert on them, that’s just what I came up with researching a bit. Hope it helps :sweat_smile:


Ah thanks. This helps a lot.

best band

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if anyone is interested I uploaded some da’vid and pleur stuff to my channel ^^


Omg I’m laughing so hard, hahaha
I guess the band is confusing a bit since they are very story-oriented and there’s not a lot of websites explaining them in english haha

So first I’m a bit confused why you think Da’vid/shito:aL is nightmare fuel and Pleur isn’t? since they pretty much share the same kind of aesthetic (kanaderu otogi) but sure
So to make sense of it all here’s Da’vid and Pleur story (a very short condensed version LOL)
Pietoro (singer) is a sick bedridden kid that have 3 dolls (the 3 other members Eruze, Rietto and Misa) that he loves to play with, eventually Pietoro dies from sickness (the band disband, ending his story) and Pleur starts with -F- (the same singer as Pietoro) discovering the story of Da’vid/shito:aL and he wants to live in a fairytale world like Pietoro (and find a meaning to life), on his journey he meets Kuruto (the blue bassist), Reeno (the red guitarist), Kyon (the girl drummer) with her pet Noble (the yellow thing that is also the second bassist and the same person as Eruze). In the story Noble dies (aka Eruze/Ren wanted to get into another band) and is replaced by a pet robot called Lupee (you can see it in some picture, he’s orange and doesn’t play any instrument)

Hope this clears it up a bit for you
Da’vid/shito:aL, Pleur and Kuro Pie (also played by Pietoro/-F-'s singer, pretty much the bad guy of the story) are my favorite bands so if you have any other questions I can answer them haha

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Hahaha I don’t know. I guess the tiger facemasks just creep me out a lot more. I have found a lot more stuff about Pleur and Da’vid/shito:aL, are both bands are just really interesting to me. Like both bands were so short lived but it seems like they had a decent following at the time.

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Conceptual super obsecure vk bands are the best, man!


Three of my favourite songs