Zephyr one-day revival

Zephyr will revive for one-day at 2023/01/21.

“Zephyr” members:
Vocal: Caime (unknown:RE)
Guitar: Shinobu
Support Bass: Ka-no (RENAME)
Drums: 真-Sin-


Whoah, unexpected/awesome~

I legit never thought i would see this

They already did revive for a few months in 2012 and back then it looked like they wanted to pick up activities again. They even released a single in 2012.

Really wish they could come back for real one day (and last longer than a few months).

Always was a bummer that their revival didn’t stick, lovely band!

I got excited for sec and thought it was Xepher that came back I got hype for a sec.

Still good for them tho :sweat_smile:

Angel kei return for limited day. God blessed the homely fans :dizzy: