†13th Moon† new digital EP "Blood or Love" release

Deathrock / gothic punk band †13th Moon† has just released a surprise new digital EP called “Blood or Love” on their Bandcamp! This is their first new recording after almost a decade.

An important message from their official blog concerning the EP:

[Blood or Love] is a collaboration EP, Music/Songs are made by †13th Moon†, and Artwork is drowned by Tokyo based graphic designer Andro Kristian//Funeralcramp.

The World situation is rapidly changing and we would like to support Ukraine people, we would like to do something we can do against Ukraine Invasion by Putin.

So we will donate all digital sales from March 4th Friday to 6th sunday 23:59 on our Bandcamp to Embassy of Ukraine in Japan.

So please buy music to support Ukraine.

It’s also important to note that today is Bandcamp Friday, i.e. all artists get all of the money you pay for their releases, so better act quick!


:exploding_head: Oh, and look at that. They have the Haunted House DVD on there.

Bought the Haunted House Volume 4 DVD and their entire discography. Gotta support the positive punk movement especially when they’re doing good social work. I wonder if AUTO-MOD or anyone else will do anything like this? :thinking:

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