❤️‍🔥 2023 Predictions

Since the official opening of JROCKONE last year, we’ve all been adjusting to it as our new jrock hub and have had a comfy stay. However, it’s obvious that there are certain things that have been missing since then.

It’s been a while and it’s almost the end of the year, so I figured I should bring back an old tradition onto new ground. It’s time to bring back our annual J-rock predictions for the coming new year! The landscape around jrock and visual kei has certainly changed since experiencing the doomsday period that was 2020 and the roaring years onwards, with the digital boom that resulted in constant Spotify plays and the introduction of virtual concert livestreams from an empty venue. While it’s still kicking thankfully, visual kei was not without its messy mishaps or blessed days, such as the return of vk icons Hizumi of D’espairsRay, and Genki of Mejibray/Vanessa, and the arrival of THE LAST ROCKSTARS \m/ or the messy demise of Himawari and the arrival of Bokutachi no Keikaku/Zetsumei, and DΣjGVLX existing for about a few months.

What are your thoughts/predictions on this unpredictable scene? Dish out your thoughts on the next big thing, or who are the faces behind mysterious band #892, and who’s the next band that’ll shockingly take their last bow in 2023?


Ooh this is about to be a spicy one, but I won’t be surprised if Kiryu/己龍 breaks up next week already
I won’t go too far into detail bc I’m too tired, but basically Takemasa has been gone for a year with not a single update, Mahiro’s health has been doing worse, Mitsuki told fans to really try to come see the anniversary show either irl or online (I bought online tickets) and to “let it burn in their retina” as if we aren’t meant to forget this show.

How can I forget the fact that they made a “live-only” look with no CD planned for it
A BP Records band spending money on a whole ass matching outfit set and no CD to earn back the money they spent? That’s suspicious


Im gonna need to see XANVALA stay killing it, at the very least. I’d like to throw The Madna up there too as they’re both new bands that just consistently blow me away, so I’ll predict that XANVALA will have a second album in 2023 and Madna may release their debut LP.

Already read about Hizaki saying “all three of his bands” are releasing in 2023, so I can reasonably predict an album from Jupiter and Hizaki (solo? Grace project? Who knows) and allegedly Versailles, but I’m gonna bet money now that their live album is scheduled for release that’s going to be what their release is.

I’d like to predict something about The Last Rockstars, but I couldn’t begin to guess. I feel like that’s unpredictable. My gut says it’s going to be an embarrassing flop, but I’ve been wrong before.

Edit: oh, and Klaha’s coming back


THE LAST ROCKSTARS blow up on TikTok, exposing the mainstream to the scene; the kingdom of VK burns as westerners lose their collective shit over bad Nazi cosplays and the OBSCURE video. All the while Yoshiki looks on smiling, watching the empire he helped build crumble to the ground.

either that or petit brabancon releases another album that i spend $100 on purely for the packaging, idk


Despite releasing that teaser with 2 song previews, THE LAST ROCKSTARS never actually release anything.

When asked about the project, Yoshiki simply responds:

NUMBER GIRL drop their first album after reunion.

downy continues to kick ass.


  • My vk version of the Avengers, UNiTE’s upcoming 12th anniversary live, is basically coming to fruition in April with a ton of guest vocal appearances. Canzel recently came back for a bit and Shiina Mio helped rerecord a song for ネオン. All this is to say that we’re about due for a new RELIC E.P. this coming year and I will throw whatever is left in my wallet if it’s realized. (This actually happened on the Danger Crue side without me knowing, sorta. AGREE 1 & 2 (live-limited) are crossover covers. Nothing from Shiina Mio’s camp yet.)
  • On the topic of UNiTE, I’m predicting we get an announcement for a new, permanent vocalist. :+1:
  • Kaihoku has to release their first single this coming year.:+1: (It was a mini-album)
  • the Raid. officially disbands and Sena starts a solo project. :-1:
  • Om (ex-ドレミ・ファ) will show up in a new band.
  • An interesting one… A newbie band will use Stable Diffusion (or some AI art model) to produce album art and will get into a kerfuffle with some established artist.:+1: (This is actually happening en-masse for indie artist MVs. Not so much the kerfuffle part.)

-SUGIZO releases a new album

-THE LAST ROCKSTARS put out two digital singles and then go dark

-the god and death stars will release a new album sometime late 2023 as their albums always come out near the end of the year.

  • LUNA SEA release a new single.

  • HYDE releases two singles and an album.

  • GACKT will perform live in 2023, but will not announce any new material; possibly a short Dears only tour on back to back days.

  • Another famous venue will close.

  • JILUKA will release a new live DVD and announce an album for 2024.

  • DARRELL will go on hiatus.

  • THE DESPERADO will fail to release the EP that was promised this year.

  • DEVILOOF will disband. :neutral_face:

  • DEXCORE will play at a summer festival.

  • Kebyo will release a new EP featuring Lust on vocals.

  • GLAY, Radwimps, and BUMP OF CHICKEN will release music in 2023.

  • The new regime at NHK will put the final nail in the coffin of NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen and end its 72 year tradition.


-Like an Edisons close
-Vidoll reform for a bit
-Izabel Varosa Project release original think
-deep sanctuary with tetsu/gackt/klaha


This :point_up_2:



A girl can dream


For me these are my predictions:

  • MOB album postponed for the 2nd year in a row possible disbandment or hiatus.
  • Kebyo to release a new single featuring Lust on vocals or re-recording of old releases.
  • Ex vocalist from Sonoraaid will start a new band
  • 12012 will finially either live or release something
  • Delacroix will release a mini album or the vocalist Mitsuki will start solo activities
  • Revive will release a new album (I pray for this :sob:)
  • THE LAST ROCKSTARS gets canceled
  • The gazette will release a new album and preform a world tour
  • NAMELESS will disband or some line-up change again
  • Some 90’s or 2000’s vkei bands will made a full revive or revive for one day
  • New single campaign for Plastic Tree, with album coming in the winter or early 2024
  • New heidi. album
  • 12012 comes back for real
  • girugamesh comes back for real
  • HUG puts something out
  • DEXCORE releases 2 singles or an album

Diru overseas tour


Sukekiyo new album finally, but idk might get another single


Sukekiyo will release the two remaining doll singles on two separate deluxe singles. We might get a 2024 album announcement before the end of the year.

Hopefully I’m wrong!!

  • RUKI city pop album.
  • New Giru album.
  • GazettE drop VK, and goes Metalcore.
  • WWWY-style festival for VK and Jrock.
  • Dexcore’s first anime soundtrack. (They deserve it)
  • CBO first album.
  • Hazuki becomes the new GACKT.
  • Either Diru or Nokubura will dip their toes into Lornacore.

Still no news in 2023 about X Japan album but Yoshiki will constantly be releasing new collaboration products and sponsorships and attending 100 events.


I’m rooting for a full length in 2023 :crossed_fingers: IT’S TIME!!


Kiryu didn’t disband, but Mahiro is going on hiatus as well


•DEATHGAZE returns with a new single
•Deshabillz releases album
•Gackt plays a couple of concerts
•Malice Mizer finally on digital platforms
•Dir en Grey World Tour
•Hyde ft Gackt
•Kiryu disbands
•Deviloof hiatus
•Sena solo project
•Miku solo project
•Genki returns to Vk with Vanessa