ザアザア (XAA-XAA)

XAA-XAA (ザアザア)

Formed in 2014

Vocals- Kazuki (一葵)
Guitar- Haruga (春芽)
Bass- Reiya (零夜)
Drums- An (亞ん)

I’ve been getting into these guys recently and I wanted to make an artist page for them. What do you think of XAA-XAA? What songs do you recommend?


I’ve been following xaa-xaa since 2016. Big, big fan of these guys.

What songs do I recommend? That’s a tough question since their discography is humongous, but my favorite release by them is still the ame ni korosareru EP.

Other singles/songs I recommend:

  • dosuguroi
  • kimi no shinzou wo tabeteshimaitai (from chuudokushoujou)
  • haisuikou (from fukou na meiro album)
  • kanashii naratewotatakou (from the shitai dakedesho single)
  • sakura no machi
  • Shinjatta pochi no hanashi
  • Suibotsu

I wonder sometimes how much life they have left in them with such a frequent output of material, but they keep surprising me and if they were to break up any time soon my only regret would be not getting to see them live one last time.

These guys were pretty cool! Maybe they still are, I don’t follow them anymore cuz they just went way overboard for my taste with too many releases too frequently, which in itself wouldn’t be a problem but everything they release sounds very samey. Not bad music at all, just too much of a kinda-good-thing I guess… so I tapped out a few years ago.

That said, their first 3 mini albums from 2015 are kickass, highly recommended:

  • コワイクライ (Kowai kurai)
  • どしゃ降りの彼女 (Doshaburi no kanojo)
  • 死にたい (Shinitai)

頂戴頂戴 is a bop™

I didn’t notice this topic here. I personally love their first album a lot and I think is prob the best release they have. Tbh the first era of xaa-xaa was the best era. I was a upset when their old drummer left he was unrated and a good drummer. The band is still pretty decent now but loved them more in their early years. I fell off from this band after their イライラする雨 release.

Most notable releases I personally love:



While there Visuals improved a lot with the new drummer they got into a too poppy direction.
The beginning felt more true and authentic in the suffering their tracks were about. Also I miss that head so much. It was so quirky and full of character.