Currently Emiru is the vocalist of Yeti under the name Satoshi Suzuki. Rubi and Saran opened a twitter account in January 2018 to announce a concert, after the event they have both been less active on social media. Regarding Keita and Reon, I don’t know their activities since the band’s departure.

Vocal: えみる(Emiru)
Guitar: ルビ(Rubi)
Bass: さらん(Saran)

Former Members:
Guitar: けいた(Keita) [2009.05.05] -personal motives-
Drums: 玲音(Reon) [2011.07.26] -musical differences-

Guests and Temporary Supports:
Drums: 成華(Naruka) (ex.ClearVeil)
Drums: なつき(Natsuki) (ex.イロクイ。(Irokui.))

[Demo] チョコサンドビスケットクリーム (Choko Sand Biscuit CREAM) (2006.12.20)
[Live-distributed CD] FMアイクル【毒電波放送局】その弐 (2007)
[Live-distributed CD] くるくる (Kurukuru) (2007.02.22)
[Single] 記念日。 (Kinenbi.) (2007.03.07)
[Live-distributed DVD] 妄想マルチの作り方 (Mousou MULTI no Tsukurikata) (2007.09.05)
[Omnibus] u-20亥 Holiday Shinjuku Omnibus vol. 3 UNDER TWENTY (2007.09.05)
(song omnibus: 妄想マルチ(Mousou MULTI))
[Single] 球形無限連鎖 〜ミズタマ〜 (Kyuukei Mugen Rensa ~Mizutama~) (2007.11.21)
[Live-distributed DVD] 球形無限連鎖 〜ミズタマ〜 (Kyuukei Mugen Rensa ~Mizutama~) (2007.11.21)
[Live-distributed CD] FMアイクル【毒電波放送局】その壱 (2007.12.02)
[Single] 独色マーヴル。(Dokuiro MARVEL.) (2007.12.19)
[Single] 怪体新書。(Kaitai Shinsho.) [Type-A & Type-B] (2008.03.26)
[Live-distributed CD] スイマセンでした。(Suimasen Deshita.) (2008.04.02)
[Omnibus] Hévn 「裏★海賊盤。」 005 (2008.05.25)
(song omnibus: くるくる。と胎児は廻る(Kurukuru. to Taiji wa Mawaru))
[Single] シドロモドロ (Shidoro Modoro) [Type-A & Type-B] (2008.07.16)
[Single] ネクロノミコン (Nekuro Nomikon) [Type-A & Type-B] (2008.08.20)
[Live-distributed CD] FMアイクル【毒電波放送局】その参 (2008.08.25)
[Single] トウメイニンゲン (Toumei Ningen) [Type-A & Type-B] (2008.09.24)
[Live-distributed CD] FMアイクル【毒電波放送局】その四 (2008.09.30)
[Omnibus] Shock Edge 2008 (2008.10.15)
(song omnibus: くるくる。と胎児は廻る(Kurukuru. to Taiji wa Mawaru))
[Live-distributed CD] チョコサンドビスケットクリーム (Choko Sand Biscuit CREAM) (2006.12.20)
[Album] 心臓。(Shinzou.) [Type-A & Type B] (2009.03.25)
[Single] 地球戯。(Chikyuugi.) [Type-A & Type-B] (2009.08.05)
[Live-distributed DVD] 極上パロデュース!!「流出!振り付け講座?!〜チョコサンドビスケットクリーム〜」(2009.09.20)
[Single] サイコ×レタア (Psycho x Letter) [Type-A & Type-B] (2009.12.16)
[Single] ケセラ:セラ (Que Sera:Sera) [Type-A & Type-B] (2010.03.17)
[Omnibus] NEO VOLTAGE (2010.05.26)
(song omnibus: 春夏秋冬(Shunkashuutou))
[Single] エキゾチック (Exotic) [Type-A & Type-B] (2010.08.11)
[Split CD] SP+LIT (愛狂います。(Aicle.) x R指定(R-shitei)) (2010.08.23)
This CD was sold exclusively in SHOXX magazine.
(2 songs by Aicle.: チョコサンドビスケットクリーム and くるくる。と胎児は廻る)
[Single] ドラマチック (Dramatic) [Type-A & Type-B] (2010.09.15)
[DVD] 東京浪漫帝國 (Tokyo Roman Teikoku) (2011.01.19)
[Album] アルク (Ark) [Type-A & Type-B] (2011.03.09)
[Live-distributed CD] 東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Sky Tree) (2011.04.15)
[Single] 皇帝ペンギン (Koutei Penguin) [Type-A & Type-B] (2011.08.10)
[Best-Album] 愛狂います。2006-2012 (Aicle. 2006 - 2012) [Type-A & Type-B] (2012.02.22)

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Nice summary, they’re still one of my favorite bands ever.


One of my favorite bands as well. They were great!

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Almost every year I have a moment where I listen to Aicle a lot. After so long that this song didn’t convince me, now I love it. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I always love their music, remember when their last album came out, that was so nostalgic

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one of the most amazing bands that STILL exist out there playing music

Rubi has opened an instagram account.


I will forever love them, they were so good and unique :heart: Spent hours yesterday revisiting all my favorite songs from them.