0.1gの誤算 (0.1g no Gosan) Vo.緑川 裕宇 (You Midorikawa) hospitalized after stage accident

0.1gの誤算 (0.1g no Gosan) Vo.緑川 裕宇 (You Midorikawa) has been hospitalized after apparently falling offstage and temporarily losing conciousness during the band’s performance on 11/25. Future activities have yet to be decided, but fortunately as it looks from the video posted below, You just might be ok.

You also posted a video seemingly from his hospital bed after the incident and is thankful for being active as a vocalist for a long time.

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Did he trip and fall or did he go for a stage dive and no one caught him?

That would be a bit embarrassing if he went for a stage dive and no one caught him O-o

I’m glad to hear he is making a recovery :upside_down_face:

I doubt it was a failed attempt at a stage dive, but still yikes. I’ve seen bandmen take some pretty nasty falls, but this one must’ve been really bad if he lost consciousness.

I’m once again reminded that a Mean Girls rewatch is long overdue…

Jokes aside, I hope he’s fine, passing out is scary as hell (did he pass out and then fall, or did the fall made him lose conciousness? He’s talking about it in his video but my Japanese isn’t good enough to know which happened first)
I’m also glad they took him to a hospital to get checked instead of just telling him to walk it off and sending him home. Any sort of head injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Especially after what happened with T.S.K.M.J/Dokuga. It was classified as a rumor but at this point I think it’s all but fact. I wonder if that was in the back of everyone’s thoughts as they were going through this.

That’s exactly the first place where my mind went to as well. I can’t remember when, but there was another incident of a band man taking a head injury recently and he also went to get it examined, so I think it’s definitely in the back of everyone’s head now.


fall off stage, stage dived but no one caught him or disgruntled bandmate/ fangirl helped?