12012 comeback (?)

Hi guys, as you maybe know 12012 announced their comeback last year, but nothing new since the announcement, i tried to find something on official twitter etc but traductions are bad and nothing about a release or something.

I was very happy that a 00’s VK band continue after many disbandments and hyped by this comeback because they were one of my favorite band (i even love the mar maroon album that nobody liked, i found it was a great easy listening rock album), the last EPs were so good.

I created this topic if anyone have news or information about them !


I didn’t know about the comeback announcement last year but I really do hope they write more music. Even though they got a lot of flak during their last era, I was a fan of that sound. They really leaned into it and I think by XII they refined it a lot. Not ashamed to say I own Deceida of Silence and 12012 physically!

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Personally I find 12012(album) one of the best metal albums in modern era vk. Cmon, you should be proud to have those :wink:


totally agree, 12012’s s/t album is one of my fav vk releases of all time! and that made me think they don’t fit pop rock at all! :joy:

back to the theme, I’m not surprised they just stopped here, cuz at least, as far as I know, Miyawaki Wataru has been busy streaming video games since their disband :rofl:


they made a lazy announce with no new photos, no specific details, and it slowly moved into the covid year where almost everyone couldn’t tour and perform properly.

no further explanations from them arrived so far - I was mildly curious what those heffas were up to because of the dire vkmetal scene state, but nothing about them so far indicates a serious comeback.


I remember reading about it last year and only thought, let’s hope It won’t end up breathtaking that comeback. You never know who’s gonna choke on it .

I’ve been eagerly waiting for some news on this, but I assume the delay in news is related to the virus situation. They probably want to come back with a bang.