2 members of THE VERSUS under investigation

Per the BBC, 2 members of Tokyo-based band THE VERSUS have been exposed as selling “chikan” videos, a term used for groping women in public transit.

Chinese nationals Noctis Zang (now in LYNCS) and bandmate Lupus Fu have been found to play admin roles to 3 websites featuring chikan content and have profited off of said videos. They were first exposed by the band’s photographer back in 2022 who alleged that Noctis and Lupus “build pornographic websites” together and Noctis had a notebook dedicated to accounting and video categories, and had the websites in his browsing history. He was later found to have uploaded over 5000 videos to the websites, while Lupus promoted them on Twitter.

The duo were then approached by an undercover journalist posing as a talent scout, where they went into more detail on the websites.

“In China, sex is the most suppressed,” Noctis said, “Some men are very perverted, they just want to see women getting…” Lupus finished the sentence: “screwed over.”

After the investigation concluded, it’s been revealed that the two no longer work with the person who manages all 3 websites.

Read the full article below:

14:00 they talk about Noctis


If this means the versus, a shit-kei cosplay act band, are over, it’s all good news, stan shazna


they’ve been over iirc, but they’re completely fucked at this point, especially in the cosplay community lol

I vaguely remember a PV with that FF cosplay dude but that’s it

I’m glad VK is healing UwU


just from watching the BBC video, i bet the band disbanded after the photographer exposed them on Chinese sns cuz I remember Noctis saying they had broken up when he formed another band :skull:

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Well, LYNCS is over, as expected.


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Why am I not surprised a guy who larps as Noctis from FFXV and sounds like Günther when singing got involved with shit like this AND with a guy who uses the name Lupus as an alias.


Square enix gotta send their ninjas after this dude


like fr you just can’t disrespect a franchise with your incel shit omg


The real reason 13 Versus/15 was never finished.



Danmmmm I thought I’d never see the day vkei drama gets put on BBC news wow :exploding_head:

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I don’t want to open a separate thread, but this is interesting news. it looks like our kusomen darlings were caught right before the japanese government published some new proposals dealing with sexual harassment and abuse:

Japan has passed laws that redefine rape and raise the age of consent in a landmark overhaul of sex crime laws.
The definition of rape was broadened to “non-consensual sexual intercourse” from “forcible sexual intercourse”, aligning Japanese law’s definition with other countries.
The legal age of consent, previously at only 13, has been raised to 16 years.

The changes also ban “photo voyeurism” which includes upskirting and secret filming of sexual acts, among other things.


So do you think they will be held to the old or new standard?

I’m not sure how accurate wikipedia is for this, but looks like there would be no retroactive application of the updated law -

Article 39 of the constitution of Japan prohibits the retroactive application of laws. Article 6 of Criminal Code of Japan further states that if a new law comes into force after the deed was committed, the lighter punishment must be given.

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Let’s keep the topic about the members under investigation and not the implications of the new law passed. Nekkichi already confirmed it wouldn’t be applied to them anyway.


On what trip is that dude recently?


bro is mad as hell, lmao


darling, just learn to take that L and leave, I have no words…


I was for a moment worried then I remembered what thread this was, and I was relieved because nothing of worth got lost
also fuck Andrew Turd, that guy deserves nothing but more jail