4K UHD Bluray releases

Are there any bands that have released live documentaries on 4k UHD Bluray? I know some bands will release one version on DVD and one version on Bluray but are any of those Blurays in UHD? If it hasn’t happened yet, do you think it could be a thing going forward?

I haven’t seen any BD being advertised as such at least. But to be fair, I don’t think most bands would do it (except bigger bands like Gazette, DIR EN GREY, L’arc~en~ciel) because it’s quite expensive. Considering that a DVD release is often already like 4000+ Yen and BD 6000+ Yen, it would be quite expensive for fans too.

And I don’t think it’s coming soon either, because to me it seems that most labels just discovered that ~Blu ray~ thing in 2017…


you won’t necessarily get true 4k on a 4K BR, and with codec compressing technology available rn it might even look more compressed compared to a clean 1080p footage recorded on the hd media, I can look up more details if you want it

I’m not even sure how many VK bands can even afford proper recording in 4K HD, it’s probably going to be limited to the gazette and dir en grey in VK.

maybe last X Japan holographic live in 2070 that will follo their album release will get one too.


oh, the release show for the upcoming album! neat!

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