5 Things on my Visual Kei Wishlist Right Now

The brain commands that I write, so blather exposition I shall. Here’s some positive things I want to see come out of the scene. Read, if you want. You might find it interesting.

  1. Better live distributed contents

This isn’t my usual complaints about live-distributed releases and the pressure they exert on my wallet, so if it comes first best believe it’s worth discussing. I’m gonna group everything under this subject into two types of limited-style releases - releases where the band puts in effort and everything else. An easy way to spot a release where little effort was made is to keep an eye out for the thin jewel cases. If there’s no cover, it’s about as low-effort as it can get. Sometimes the band is nice enough to provide a front insert. Forget about a spine or a back insert. A high-release effort comes in a full jewel case with front and back insert, and optionally CD artwork. An example of a low effort release is Dairokkan. An example of a high effort release is COMMON ERA -CANAAN-. Another style of a high-effort release involves including anything that wasn’t strictly necessary. Ornate packaging is a good example. I understand the economics of money, but please understand the economics of my budget. If I’m dropping $100+ on a 2 song single make it look good, okay?

Full-size jewel case. 10 cost $15 on Amazon.

Here’s those cheap ass flimsy cases where you can get 100 for $35. I spurn these with a passion.

  1. More single B-sides and DVD compilation releases

This is a slow burn I want to call out now. Bands are getting complacent with providing B-sides. The streaming era has changed the game up and now bands and labels want to maximize on all stream revenue, so the new model is to release single after single quickly before the album release to build hype. That has it’s own positives and negatives that can be debated for days, but lost in this new format are B-sides. The GazettE dropped Optical and Auditory Impression differences entirely after FADELESS over a decade ago. Dir en grey did lazy live B-sides post-Kasumi, then started sprinkling in retakes around Dozing Green. Those are cool sometimes, but I miss getting original songs on the side that weren’t a fit for the album. Some B-sides, like Dir en grey’s Fukai, are better than the A-sides! Imagine living in a world without Fukai! Seems like this practice is becoming less and less common with the more established bands. Bring it back!

I lump in DVD compilation releases because these were also lost in the crossfire. Bands used to sell PVs with the singles in order to justify multiple versions and whatnot. It seems like it’s even less common to find the CD+DVD single combo where they sell you the single and the PV and would rather funnel you to their streaming platforms so they can monetize each watch, however small the cut. But those things are ephemeral by nature, and once they pull the rug art is lost. The easy solution is for a band to double dip and sell a PV compilation on the way out the door, but most bands implode so quickly there’s not even a chance for a proper compilation, let alone the PVs. So make selling DVDs more common. Not even gonna talk about Blu-Ray because I’m more focused on the indie scene right now.

  1. More crossover singles

This is one of the coolest ideas and I want to see more of this. It’s also another way to spice up those live distributed contents. I want to see bands cover each others songs in their entirety. Not just vocalists tackling the instrumentals, I want the bands to reinterpret the song to their style! Think Warsaw no Gensou by Dir en grey, The [1st] degree genocide holic by R-Shitei, Mental Help by Lycaon, etc. Hatashijou and Beauty and Beast are two unparalleled singles in this regard, because they do this really well. It’s also a great way to get exposed to similar, but different bands.

  1. More 2009+ band revivals

Somewhere else I blathered on about how visual kei has a ten year span before it implodes. Seems to hold steady even now, but if you add on the recovery phase that’s about 13-15 years. I would peg the start of the implosion around 2016, when bands stopped activities and new blood did not replace them as quickly. We all say the scene is dry as hell, so I totally welcome all those bands to restart those activities. Sadie, Delacroix, 12012, and VanessA are four bands I can think of right away that have announced their return. Nega is doing a one-off revival which I hope becomes the spiritual successor to annual Aliene lives, if not more. girugamesh has been silent, maybe hunkered down recording an album? SCREW, OZ, Awoi, KEEL, and/or UnsraW coming back would be baller. The scene just needs some activity and energy, so I welcome any bands that want to reform. For new fans, it’s like getting a new band with a proven track record. 90’s bands weren’t really reforming back in 2005-2009, so this kinda thing is new. And potentially sick.

  1. More super-bands

TLRS, sit over there for a second.

sukekiyo and Petit Brabancon are really cool bands because it introduces a different type of crossover in the scene with established musicians that doesn’t require disbandment. Two very different, really cool bands that the scene desperately needs, especially to reach the diversity quota we so often tout as a plus. When this first started out, bands like Karasu (featuring MUCC’s Tatsurou) would release one song and go dark. It didn’t seem like a viable business strategy after the silent death of S.K.I.N., so seeing some vestiges of this work is great.

Now I have to throw TLRS in the conversation because the combination of these four musicians is in the damn stratosphere. I specified 2009+ band revivals in my last point because I said “90’s bands weren’t really reforming”. I was a bit evasive. X JAPAN and LUNA SEA both announced comebacks, but due to…issues…SUGIZO is tied down with Yoshiki’s activities and LUNA SEA can’t move at 100%. They do mostly touring now. X JAPAN doesn’t really have the forward momentum one would expect from such a decorated bands. D’ERLANGER came back in 2016 and I think like four people on this forum care??? TLRS is an attempt to break free from whatever is holding back X and to start fresh, so I want Yoshiki to seriously consider burying X for good and just focus on his new band. Again. I think there’s a 30% chance he lurks here so please, consider it. It would be good for the scene.

I specifically call out bands because I believe bands get more visibility than solo artist careers. Solo artists in visual kei are exceedingly rare, probably don’t exist in the current climate. It’s just simple math that more members means more simp potential, and you need a Sena or a Boogie in your band to get those fans. For some examples, SCREW’s Byou has been wasting his time with a solo career that makes little noise over here. Tsuzuku/Genki from MEJIBRAY learned this the hard way with the four different activities he’s involved in that have zero hype or reach behind them. Never heard of tsubaki -voice-? Don’t blame you. Perhaps it was possible for big names like Gackt and MYV to make it “on their own” back in the day, but not anymore.

So try more fun session bands with other members and see if there’s chemistry. Backup options never hurt.


I feel like in my kirakira-corner some of these got “monkey pawed” for me :sweat_smile: .

  1. Better live distributed contents

Better ratio of CD artwork v. blank cd-r, even if they’re still using the thin cases… except they’re FC-limited and require extreme patience and wallet flexibility.

  1. More single B-sides and DVD compilation releases

As someone who typically prefers B-sides, I feel this. As for compilations, I actually far prefer the YT delivery approach since we get more off-shot content without having to shell out for different types of the same CD+DVD. I typically archive that content myself… BUT

The one thing that I don’t like, however, is when a band posts stuff on gigafile or twitcasting where the download or watch password is locked behind a FC or participating in the actual event.

  1. More crossover singles

These were fun, but occasionally hit-or-miss depending on how well the band’s style meshed with the song they were covering. I’m pretty content with the vocals-only side of things with collaborative covers from series like ShogoFES, Ichigeki, Hikarito’s stuff, UNiTE./Danger Crue/ZLT collaborations, etc.

  1. More 2009+ band revivals

There’s been a lot of temp affairs, I’m just not active enough on Twitter enough to keep up with all of them, sadly. Yeah, I wish these temp revivals would throw us a bone and record some stuff, but I’ll take what I can get with the live-recordings.

  1. More super-bands

Disappointingly gestures to the vk-idol boom. The instrumentals (and production) are performed by established vk musicians, but they don’t make appearances in the music videos. The center positions are sometimes occupied by vocalists who’ve been in other bands I’ve enjoyed, but the rest of the singers sound like ass. The visuals are very reminiscent of kirakira kei with makeup, outfits, MVs, but they all dance with the characteristic limp-noodle energy.

For my own vk wishlist to continue the topic:

  1. More re-pressings for older releases or compilation albums to combat lost income to e-commerce scalping. Ludicrous amounts of money are going toward re-sellers, why not try and recapture that?
  2. More crowdfunded projects from sites like CAMPFIRE that fans would enjoy, and the ideas can be floated around on SNS for feedback. It’s been done before, and pretty successfully.
  3. A super specific one for me… Can we get more bands onboard for OTOTOY and lossless (24-bit) downloads (not streaming). Maybe include the digital booklet versions packaged in like some J-indie bands do.
  4. INSTRUMENTAL ALL THE THINGS. Like provide them for fluff, idc I just want instrumental versions.
  5. Continuing from the above, let utaite cover your songs with the stipulation that you include credits to the original. Let the clock app do its work.

hmm… let’s see

  1. Utilize Youtube membership (…or do more activities on Youtube)

A little bit of unpopular opinion here but i don’t like it when band’s Youtube account just become a throwaway account. I’ve seen alot of fun content from alot of small bands on Youtube (like [Hz] or gosan) or giving some sort of exclusive content on youtube membership (Unlucky Morpheus is a good example) now most of the ones that who did are a bunch of young bands and band members like the afromention bands and also Kizu with their covers, Sena doing a bunch of random shit, and Ricko with the reaction meta. (There’s an exception ofc. like Hazuki and Shinya) I think it’s fine if for example the GazettE doing their usual radio program on youtube membership every once in a while, (as an advertisement for their fanclub) or do a little bit of short meta like Ichika Nito does.

  1. Utilize Streaming Media.

Now let’s just get straight and say that I was brainrotted after watching alot V-Tuber in the past few years, but if even the most popular V-Singer are Willing to give their voice for free for a limited time, ther’s no reason that a bunch of Veteran couldn’t do so. they could also do podcast and gaming collab with other members from their band or even with members from another band. Hazuki i think did quite well on that departement.

Agree. i mean it’s impossible that none of your fans want to sing your songs even if it was badly sing. (at least I did)

  1. It’s fine to chase trends and not sticking to the established formula.

Lemme ask you a question. Which one of this sounds sounded tiring for you rn? Dexcore/Nokubura-esqe Metalcore? or the GazettE/lynch-esqe “Metalcore”? (obviously Alternative Metal) If you ask me I prefer the former. just because it’s against the status quo I mean i would be interested if big western metal/rock band like Light the Torch or eh… I dunno know, Soulfly (?) give their take on Japanese Visual Kei formula. Hell I would be veeery interested there some random vocalist out there who can emulate RUKI/Hazuki style perfectly but in english. just because it’s against the status quo. Sounds edgy I know but Imagine the GazettE somehow make a synth-pop album?

  1. More side projects

Aligning with what i said previously. maybe they wanted to experiment but they don’t want to alienate their establish fanbase? well side project is the way. I mean isn’t this is what kyo does (It’s obvious that Petit is the way he gives the homage to older diru sounds whereas sukekiyo is the way he gets even weirder without alienating the current DEG fanbase)

  1. Better live distributed contents

I would love to see more songs on some live distributed releases. I think it would be alot more worth it after spending a certain amount for a certain release on mecari or wherever you shop at so we can get more for our buck. I would love to see some proper artwork too added, I just don’t want a CD with no proper case and just CD sleeve as it pains me.

  1. More single B-sides and DVD compilation releases

I have to agree with zeus on this. I don’t really care for DVD compilation releases as they are just annoying to me. I don’t like how difficult they are to rip and such. I think I would like them more if they were as easy to access on my PC after I rip them.

  1. More crossover singles

To be honest I think this is a awesome idea. Not many bands do this much at all, I think it would be much better to find bands you might be interested into through these crossover singles. I found a couple bands like that.

  1. More 2009+ band revivals

This is super needed in the scene, I don’t know how much I would love this but I miss alot of the older loud-kei bands. I think it would be awesome to see and hear these bands again and we would get new songs.
I would love a band that is similar to D.I.D. maybe even a VURNY revival. Many things I go over and wish will never come true though.

  1. More super-bands

It honestly depends on the members for me most bands that are like this I just have hatred for due to the fact they won’t be doing any stuff to how it was back in the og days.

My own list here.

  1. I would love to see more bands doing BEST of albums from either the mid 2000s or even late 90’s. I love these types of bands as I get more content for me to binge listen to. It always makes me happy when I get this type of content as it lets me be happier.

  2. I want the 2000’s loud-kei scene to comeback or atleast the sound I love it so much. I do not mind the current one, but from what I have been listening to lately it just all sounds like dogshit. I want bands with the sound of schwein coming back or stuff similar.

  3. I would love to see more kote-kei homage bands like holy shit. I love Misanthrope it is insane, that is some peak homage-kei. I would love bands like Grieva or something also too it gives us similar vibes to when we are listening to kuroyume or La:Sadie’s and diru.
    Amazing stuffs, I would also love more unique kote in the scene with some with their own sound it would be neat for the vk community.

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I feel like the title of this is a bit misleading I originally thought this thread was like top five vkei release you want or something related either case this is my list no set order

1.) Proper sortation of Type releases

I thought about it and I realized that vkei bands would make more money if they separated love versions and regular version in this fashion. Digitally releasing things for the normal editions but keeping the limited live stuff/ limited stuff. Gossip-ゴシップ did a similar thing with their single 『君があの世に…』. You can even limited singles to copies or something. Then release the limited stuff digitally after a year or two of disbandment. Less cost more profit.

I feel type releases can be just out right confusing for the average person. Bands be like yea so we got type- A, B, J , H etc…

So ultimately phasing it out in this way would be profitable to the bands and also keep people interested.

Also separating the live DVDs from CDs. It would be nice have the DVD be it’s own release for people who are interested rather then it be on a type release for someone who might not care about it. This would also give bands room to put more exclusive bonus stuff for people who buy live DVD stuff. Like a shirt or something cool for that release. These big box limited edition singles with all those live DVDs and extra stuff cost 1 mill yen and stuff lol. No one got time or money for that.

2.) Stop making acoustic versions and ballads super limited for no reason

Idk why I find this very VERY annoying. Bands will released a limited live or limited copies single and distribute it. Then it turns out to be some shitty ballad. Why T-T. I never will understand it and I feel it’s a bit of a turn off. These things should be like tied into the end of an album or something or middle of an album depending on the band etc…

  1. Improved Re-recorded material and more of it

Idk for some vkei band. I feel they evolve vocally and instead of re-recording they will put it on a compilation and call it a day. I also hate it sometimes when bands change the originals instrumental. It’s fine if they have like an album mix that’s cool I like those things. It makes it interesting but for pre-recorded stuff sometimes they will change the original arrangement. I don’t mind if they add to it but some bands will take away or replace things.

For example the Re-record of ここで閉ざして on awoi the second they had updated vocals stuff but the instrumental stayed the same they added to it in a unique way.

Moving to the Nicholas Re-recorded gossip tracks now. The new re-record of R-18 it sounds almost like a new arrangement or new song doesn’t sound like the original at all.

Regardless of above we also have a lack of this material or not as much material of re-records. Then again counter point is if vkei bands decide to stay together with the same line-up for longer then 2-3 years then we might see more of this because it does take time for a band to evolve :confused:

4.) More digital super complications of disbanded bands

I like it when bands make lossless super complication albums after disbandment. Honestly seeing more of that would be nice. It can help people check out the band. I know a couple bands did this like: Luzmelt, ramiel, Gram∞Maria etc… just to name a few. I’d also like to see indie bands who have like 3-4 single releases that are all limited live do this more.

5.) More international tours and international support / CD availability

I’m surprised no one mentioned this. Id definitely love to see my fav vkei bands but they are so far away. Japan is an expensive trip to say the least so it would be nice to have vkei bands make their way over here and play. Plus it would help the international fan base and attract new people to the band. On top of this a lot of vkei bands already have their music digitally they can just make sign that got a qr code to their tunecore and there we go.

It would also be nice to have 2 base shops one international and one that is Japan only. The band Choke does this so I’m surprised that other bands don’t have this option. It would be nice to have a vast availability to people like the band to buy from them directly instead of paying a proxy shipper.

Another thing is you have all these third party retail stores in Japan but honestly why aren’t their any stores or lack of third party stores that sell Japanese cds like that in the US for example or Europe. It would be nice to have a third party store that sells vkei here or able to sell Japanese cd’s in general within the country. We got book off in the US but no japanese CDs :frowning: . Yet there’s a book off in Japan they sell everything.

Also I agree zeus more crossover singles are needed more. We used to have a lot of crossovers back then but sadly gone.
Early 2010s vkei revivals are also needed but unfortunately labels and bands there’s too much drama and random disbandment in vkei scene to have these things happen unfortunately. You have a bunch of people either hate each other openly or secretly, into weird fetishes, have strict family members, have musical differences that they realize so late there like fk this or get them selves romantically involved with fans. Reputation is unfortunately a thing so if one name gets trashed the whole band is gets fked over. I still wish that bands come back from 2010’s vkei we can only hope :pray:


Biggest one that keeps bothering my exploration are incomplete discographies. I would like a complete list of releases all in one platform. At this point, I have given up on live-only or whatever rare releases a band has but what about your indie days or older eras that makes it so hard to just rerelease your music online. I highly doubt these defunct record labels have a strangle hold on your music rights.

Which leads me to defunct record labels please release your catalog before dying. This goes to near dead record labels as well. It is better to get some passive income than to just lock up music.


sorted by no concrete logic:

  1. LGBTQI+ presentation:
    Visual Kei feels for me like a great place for nonbinary people and similar with how open it is to crossdressing. Even when no band should be required to be a part of the LGBTQI+, I want to see more who openly talk about their differing preferences

  2. more Dimlim clones
    the band was such innovative and impressive they really deserve to get more bands paying tributes to them.

  3. more international VK groups
    I know a certain part loves to make fun of them but there are by enough oversea VK groups with such high quality output that I want VK to become a international phenomenon.

  4. more B-Sides
    it feels like those one song singles for Streaming got recently into trend to my displeasure. B-Sides for me always have a certain magic that A-Sides never can take. For example B-Sides are usually the only part where such typical heavy but melodic refrain Bands try out completely heavy tracks with only screams, or try out songs living from certain gimmicks then catchy tunes.

  5. wishes for success for certain groups

5.1. DAT should become susecsfully enough to release at least three full albums in their career
I mean ice :pleading_face:

5.2. same for the Muzzle
Ains did you such injustice to Grieva which became in the run of my time as VK fan my favourite group. I really need Kyouki and Roku to rise again and at least become able to get the bucket for a promo picture with PV. And maybe even get Hisame to join.

Minami should get back
I loved Dead Children and I really wish that Minami at some point bring this sound back in a new group.

Avelcain should get back.
Acelcain was a band with a very concrete aesthetic and music style I feel in love with. I really wish the band will get revived and Karma finally gives up on selling artistic air.