A Ghost of Flare new single "God, Fire, Punk" release


After almosts 4 years, A Ghost of Flare will finally release a new song.
All we know currently is that they will have a live show :point_up_2: for the release, which makes me now guess, single will be out with the show, so 30th June
We dont even know the title currently either

I do hope it will be digital available, accounting that only the eternal youth and s.p.i.t from soulburner are digital available and not the whole album (which was their latest release), so i have no idea how they deal with distributing their songs currently

I will update the thread if there will be more information added

For those who are new to a A Ghost of Flare, feel free to check out one of their earlier releases


Adding new Info here
So the name of the single will be “God, Fire, Punk”
And on their twitter you can get a little sneak peak to the single
Click here for sneak peak

Also the single will be available on streaming services

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We got new Band photos

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Its out

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