a little introduction

hi everyone

so, um I’ve been around for a few days but I never made an introduction (except for the short one on discord). I thought it would be a good idea to start here.

I go by the name kusari
age: 30
country: Germany (Saarland)

Well I work as an accountant (boring I know ^^ ), am married and have a cat and a dog.
My dog is also my profile picture.

How did I get to JRock:
Well basically I was/am a big Naruto fan and watched videos on youtube, when I bumped into Girugamesh. I liked the song and started my search. That’s how it began around 13 years ago. Darn I’m old xD

Visual Kei?
No, I don’t dress up. I don’t have the proper appearance for that xD But I admire the work people put in that.

Fav. J-bands:
Versailles, D’Espairs Ray, Dolly, …

Fav J-songs:
Mirror (D’espairs Ray), Gothic Party and Clockwork march (Dolly), Remember forever (Versailles), Node of Scherzo, God forsaken (Dio), …

I’m not fond of those high screams in metal. So no big fan of Dir en Grey ^^"
Of course I do listen to other stuff as well.

I haven’t actively followed the scene for a few years and therefore I barely know which bands are still around or new.
Except for that project The Last Rockstars. But didn’t have the time to listen to a song yet. But it sounds promising so far.

So that’s it I guess ^^
If you have any question, just ask.

I’m still clicking around trying to understand this forum.
Bare with me xD






Welcome aboard! Your dog is very cute, and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

Hello and welcome to the forum :tada::wave:t2: I can see you’re from Germany so we both live in the same country :laughing: Also, I wish you a good time on JRO, feel free to look around and you can find many interesting topics here where you can participate. :blush: