abort. - A new Progressive Metal-based VKei band

abort. is a representative artist by a label which is called Death Chord Records.abort. is a representative artist by a label which is called Death Chord Records.

They started in the spring of 2018. Within a few years, they released two EP’s and one album. An experimental and Progressive Metal-based Visual Kei band based in Nagoya that combines heavy sound and other genre aesthetics poisonously.

Even though they are a sort of duo band here, Jin- is a guitarist and composer who handles all musical approaches. Likewise, Atsushi mainly focuses on all vocal and lyric writing sections.

Their music conception depicts various dark sides of social norms and human beings, especially the imperfection of nature. They attempt to fuse heavy and soft musical components to manifest cohesive world-building.

Recently they just released their album - “PAST”. They have pushed the boundaries of the heavy music genre, delivering a relentless barrage of aggression and technicality that will captivate even the most discerning metal scene. Each track is meticulously crafted to showcase their deep story, while the relentless energy and intensity will leave you in awe.

If you have interest, please feel free to check their official website and Spotify as follows.



You guys had any lives till now? Or you kept it at releasing music only?

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Keep releasing music is the MUST to do that because we do enjoy create music aim to connect all people. However, we cannot make any gigs because everyone has their own personal reason, such as family and geographical issues.

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Oh one of the members doesn’t live in Japan? Or both don’t?

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Technically they live in Japan, but one of a member always go aboard to work for business


Oh ok.

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