Abstracts to become active again

They did actually re-release an old song, but with vocals and new makeup, in July already.
Which you can listen here

They will have a instagram live on the 18.09 and i suspect they will announce a new release
I am not sure what the IG live itself will be, but from what i know they was working on something new

So you can pre-order their new single on i-tunes :thinking: (did i get that right)

(These guys are getting as cryptic as a VK band)


Song is out.
I was surprised at first. But kinda started digging it.
I am not sure if that’s Lin singing/ rapping or Satoken :thinking::thinking: there are barely screams
All over it feels like a mix of old abstracts and Lin’s solo songs

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I don’t really know what to think about it. It’s cool and it has the Essence™. Didn’t really like the vocal effects. Let’s wait for what they will release next.

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