ACME new digital single "Enchanted" release

ACME new digital single “Enchanted” will be released at 2022/01/26



please please, get better Visuals!!
you were so good in the past. Why are you looks so bland in the last releases?!

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Really gonna need them to release an album soon tho, I am loving these singles and all, but…. Why no album :cry:


acme about to experience div’s flop era


I think ACME has finally won me over. More of this, please.

I don’t like. They have changed a lot since its inception, a pity.

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If I didn’t have the trauma from DIV I’d say at least its nice theyre trying out something new, but DIV went downhill so fast and so quick after I hope they dont stick to this too

has things gotten so bad for them now they’re living on the streets of hollywood? Dunno why but I got a hankerin for some Baja Mountain Dew