ACME new single "Kagaribi" release

ACME new single “Kagaribi” will be released at 2022/07/01


Oh another single, that’s good to hear. I will surely buy it and hoping it will be also available digitally :smile:

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New single “Kagaribi” will be released at 2022/07/01.


Acme managed to last more than div. Astonishing

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that sounds much better than the prior release holy shit I was scared they would go the same route as chisa did with div. glad they didnt

Chisa honey those heels are making your legs sexy af but that color does not match your outfit. But I am loving the song. So if putting Chisa in heels will make ACME better, then heel up baby :smiley:

they are finaly Visual Kei again
the whole song also feels more like prior Acme which is also to my liking

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ACME is here to make VK great again :smiley:


I’ve really enjoyed the last few singles, and this one’s great as well.