Ah, another one of these...

Might as well do a quick introduction again, huh? Had the same name over on MH, though I was only sparsely active there. Also have gone by awakenthesadist, medicalshower, 37564, and ☆ねめ☆ (way back in batsu forum and livejournal days) over the years. Been a VK fan since sometime around 2000 (I’m an old fart, okay?), kinda lost interest around 2010, and now I’m back but mostly still listening to older stuff ^^

I really enjoy Aikaryu, Phantasmagoria, Dir en grey, D’espairsRay, Vidoll, UnsraW, Devil Kitty, Kagerou, Deathgaze, MUCC, Gazette, and more but if I kept going but I’d be here a long ass time… Basically if it’s heavyish vk from 2000-2008ish there’s a decent chance I like it lol Not much recent stuff but I enjoy Kizu sometimes, was pretty into Dadaroma for a good while, and enjoy Deviloof’s stuff too.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll find some time to actually post here more than I did on MH!


Honestly, I really like your music taste in VK. Those bands are all-time classic. Welcome to the new community!

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greetings and welcome! we’re kinda similar, I lost interests during around 2015-2019, and I almost stuck in 2008-2014.

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Great to see you here friend! ^^

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