Ai beefing with Kane to Juusei?

How serious is this beef?

Looks like just Ai being full of himself and tryna trash the competition

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Uhm, first of all, wrong Ai, second, what do sleeping pictures have to do with the thread again?

Um, that is not the wrong Ai and I think I’d know which Ai the post is abt since I made the OG post. The poster talked abt Ai from deathgaze so I sent them a post abt Ai from deathgaze as a joke :confused:

You said Ai from Gulu gulu in the first post matey, mayne get some more sleep. You seem like you have some brain fog, which I’m not upset about! There is no problem, but I’m more worried that you cannot remember such a detail
/pos /gen

@scottykins answered to this with that link, not to their original thread.

oh boi, Ai needs to calm down when I look at his career, memento mori stole from the GazettE, he is the last person who should complain about plagiarism. His ego grows in a negative way.

what if it’s just mere PR stunt from him?

I am pretty sure that gulu gulu did end up and win fans over the pedo accusations Ai had in 2021.
His blocking spree started around the time i think those accusations had finally become quiet again. (Or at least he didn’t let us know anymore how he was getting bullied by Anti-Fans)


I don’t think he gained any new fans from that mishap. But it’s hard to tell considering they’re barely active. This really just seems like a case of him trying to take down the new competition since they’re getting more attention.


There was once a time were Ai was something close to an idol, an inspiration. But now with how slowly his new band progresses and how disappointing their output is, I really don’t care about him anymore. And how he currently acts definitely doesn’t help either.


tbh something about his vibe rn makes me thing some vk boys are a bit nostalgic for the era of parking opposite your rival bands livehouse and going ham on them once the better paying gya have left the venue… somebody got a case of restless itchy hands and they’re ready to throw some


Woah his English has gotten pretty good.