AIOLIN new single, album, MV collection DVD + new look

It will be available in the japanese iTunes Store as well as OTOTOY tomorrow:

Maybe it will be also available for oversea fans but I couldn’t find any information about it.

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guitar solos are amazing as usual!! I don:t follow them but Ive somehow seen them live many times since they did joint lives sooo often with rides in revellion haha

“Mermaid Aria -Ocean Side-” is available on Spotify, amazon, etc.

You can even find “Mermaid Aria -Land Side-” and “Tear In The Rain+” on KKBOX:

AIOLIN’s YouTube channel has the “APPLAUD” button!
We can show our support by buying Viewer applause!

You can find the same button below most of the videos of Hikarito.
Go show them the love if you can!