AIOLIN new single, album, MV collection DVD + new look

Seems that they will release a new single with the song “Mermaid Aria” (or is it the name of the single too?) on 2021.03.24. It’ll come in 2 types.

They’ll re-release their 1st album “Tear In The Rain +” on 2021.04.07. There’ll be new recordings.

They’ll also release a MV collection DVD on 2021.04.21.


I really like the new song, the guitar solo especially is amazing. I wonder if Voyage will be on the new release too?

Yeah, I think “Mermaid Aria” is also the title of their new single.
BTW, they’ll premiere the music video at 8 p.m. (JPT) on February 11th.
Can’t wait to watch it!

Oh, you watched AIOLIN’s 4th anniversary live streaming, too?
Can’t agree with you more! The guitar solo is absolutely amazing!
It was such a surprise that they’d perform two of their new songs… plus a new intro of “Ark Night.”
I guess “Voyage” will be on their new release. Let’s wait and find out.

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For those who are interested, here’s the purchase link for AIOLIN’s 4th anniversary live stream:
You can rewatch the archive until February 20th, 23:59 (JPT) .
They actually prepared some special surprises for live streaming viewers! You’ll see when the live ends :slight_smile:

I wish I could’ve gone to the livehouse, but in the current situation I can’t go back to Japan. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to meet AIOLIN since the Fate era.
The last time we got this kind of guitar solo was Stardust, wasn’t it? And I really hope the new intro is on the re-recording of Ark Night because I really liked it. I’ll be sad if I can’t listen to it after the archive disappears.

Hope the pandemic will end soon…
Yep, it was Stardust Crystal! Glad to see Hikarito play another amazing guitar solo in the new song :slight_smile:
I hope so, too! And I can’t wait to find out what new songs AIOLIN have decided to add in “Tear In The Rain+”!
I believe we’ll able be able to watch the MV whenever we want to. There have been lots of bands doing the premiere thing for their music videos these days; their premiered music videos can be rewatched just like the other ones.
BTW, the band is no longer called Aiolin. They have changed their name into AIOLIN since the release of Stardust Crystal.

Thx for adding the link!
Happy to see that they’ve added the lyrics in the description box below the video!
Also find it unbelievable that someone already disliked the video. Well, they haven’t even premiered the MV, so how can that person know if he really likes it or not (rolling my eyes)…

I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear, but I was wondering if we’ll be able to hear Ark Night’s intro in the future or if it’s just a live-specific thing. Hopefully it’ll be the same situation as コドモドラゴン’s HEMLOCK intro, which first appeared in the live before being included with the song when it was released on the next album.
I know about the name thing, but because I don’t usually write about AIOLIN in English, I’m used to having my keyboard autofill. If I type in “AIO”, “AIOLIN” shows up first so I don’t normally think about it.

Oh no, you’ve made yourself clear enough. That’s exactly what I meant. Looks like we both hope to hear the new intro in the future :slight_smile:
AIOLIN actually also mention in their tweet that they’ll add more songs in “Tear In The Rain+”. Can’t wait to hear them, too! (That’s what I meant by typing “And I can’t wait…!”)
I see. Sorry, I thought you didn’t know the information about AIOLIN’s name change, cuz’ many people, even including some fans, still don’t know it. Glad to know you already knew that :slight_smile: