AIOLIN new song "Absolute Egoism" has been released

AIOLIN new song “Absolute Egoism” has been released at 2021/01/06.


Definitely recommend their new song!
The violin part is soooooo epic!!!
And in case anyone doesn’t know, you can find the English translation and Romaji lyrics in the description box below the music video.

Very epic

It seems to be also up on spotify. :slight_smile:

They are one of the few newer bands which I started to like so I’m curious how this song sounds like and their other releases. :smile:

This song is kinda catchy!
Violin part is so dope,
But I don’t know,
the rap part just cannot catch me!
I need few more listen to digest this single!

Rap part and chorus sound terrible.
The violin sounds cool.

With violins and this band’s style in general, the rap part sound so out of place. Other than that the song is nice.