AKIRA NAKAYAMA debut solo album "Jester/Fracture" release!

Big news, Kurage! Akira Nakayama (of Plastic Tree fame) will not be leaving us hanging after his latest debut live, he’ll be physically releasing his debut album “Jester/Fracture” on February 23rd! The CD release will come with pictures/footage from the debut live in its booklet and live PV(s) :slight_smile:

The album is currently available for streaming and digital download! It’s up on Platforms like Itunes and Spotify. Click here to choose which platform you’d like to stream/purchase from!


  1. weather report [moon]
  2. you
  3. butterflies
  4. mellow yellow
  5. mystery
  6. somebody get me a doctor
  7. true
  8. primitive
  9. adventure of one dollar
  10. paralyze
  11. weather report [sun]
  12. last enemy
  13. fragility
  14. choices

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Fan notes:

  • It’s more Denshi/Electronic than I expected but it’s still quite good. Definitely a departure from the Pura sound but in a direction that’s opposite to how Ryutaro’s played out. Whereas Ryutaro went the acoustic/folky route, Akira leaned hard into a more electronic sound. I like Akira’s PC stuff in Pura so this was nice to hear. It still has some of those Date You-Esque shoegaze elements infused as well but they are much less prominent, it might be considered disappointing if you’re a huge Date You fan. I was surprised at how not-hard his solo stuff is considering what a lot of Pura songs sound like.
  • His solo stuff also has a little bit of hip-hop and industrial production elements in it, which undoubtedly would not work with Pura lol. When combined with the aforementioned genres it’s fresh and interesting in his solo stuff, though.
  • The consensus is that “Adventure of one dollar” is his best new song
  • Imo both Weather Report songs are the best
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a very interesting album from what I’ve heard so far. I’ll give more opinion, but for now I remember Pura’s more “electronic” tracks. It feels … fun!

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